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August 02, 2005



wow colleen - that's a pretty amazing story and one that no doubt will shadow what Zach Stark may face in the years to come...I grew up in a fundamental Southern Baptist household and luckily was able to either hide my sexuality from myself or the church long enough to put the distance I needed between me and that kind of mindset...I've never reconciled with any kind of spirituality and wandered here by accident, it's good to know that this place is here!


Thanks for stopping by. There are some good writers here, all with different stories to tell. Come back again--this is a good place to begin reconciling, as you put it.


Well Lee lured me over here and I'm glad she did, even if it means yet another blog to read.

Homosexuality and spirituality are two difficult "alities" to merge. Space to explore both is so important.



Thanks for your story. I think what is hardest for me with these debates is that there is very little room for people to recognize homosexuality as a gift from God, not something to be tolerated or endured, but to be enjoyed and celebrated.


Amen to Amy!

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