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September 06, 2007


Elizabeth Barrette

I found a link to this blog in a discussion of toxic prayer, came here to read that, and wound up exploring several other entries. You've got a fascinating resource here.

I'm the Managing Editor of PanGaia, a major Pagan magazine; our publisher also puts out newWitch. Most Pagan religions are queer-friendly (plus the predominantly gay Faerie tradition and the largely lesbian Dianic Wicca). So if there are any queer spiritual leaders here who are Pagan or interested in Paganism, I'd like to encourage you to drop by and take a look at our magazines and/or our contributor's guidelines.


It is said that the population self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) becomes more and more. According to the investigation from the site *BiLoves dotcom* (a site for LGBT coming out, explore sexuality, etc.), The Netherlands, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain are the gayest countries. Not sure if true.I just know that site is very professional and there are about 150 members per day and they are very active. You can imagine.If you come here frequently, you may find what you are looking easily and quickly.

christian arron

How dare you say that my lord and god would condone your evil immoral disease breading homosexual practice i pray that you find the real love of christ not some twisted illusion that for some odd reason someone let you draw drawings of and wright books about i hope you find TRUE salvation

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