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May 03, 2009



sure...lobby for the glb's...toss the t's under the bus. yay rah...hrc!

Kittredge Cherry

PJ, I can see that you think that transgender rights are being ignored, but I'm not sure what you mean. Do you know something I don't know about Clergy Call? I assumed that T's were included in the proposed legislation.


sorry,'s wasn't clergy call i was tossing my ainxt was hrc. an organization headed by a liar and a backstabber. one who swore he would never support an enda that wasn't inclusive of tg rights...until it happened and he did.

i am not angry that the enda passed the house without tg rights, i support that. but i can never trust someone who makes a solumn oath, solicits time, energy and money and then stabs the contributers in the back at the last minute.

and then the aftermath where, rather then face up to what he did, he cowered out, had protestors arrested at hrc functions and just generally treated us all like dirt! as long as joe solomese is at the head of hrc i, and i know many more, will never support any activity sponsored in any way by hrc.

by the way....the t in glbt is not being respected in nearly all venues. i surrendered my membership to myoutspirit for just that reason...t issues are second class at best. and i'm tired of hearing that tired old cliche..."some of my best friends are t"...heard that in another time and place and it was just as meaningless then as it is now. until the homosexual community reaches out to us and makes the effort to include us in more then just the contributer state i won't be too supportive of any organized efforts.

much love and hope. pj

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