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November 27, 2009



our loss is heaven's gain and our inspiration. harvey...(i think he'll forgive my intimacy....i can't seem to think of him in other than affectionate terms) is one of the real inspirations in the lives of so very, very many.

his being "out" was the butterfly that started the effect. he shocked us with possibility, he delighted us with pride, he booted us in the butt with dignity. he engineered the highway design and left us no option but to build and to forever expand upon that highway of hope.

everyone who today lives in the light owes at least a flicker to his memory.

may he now be resting in peace.

much love and hope. pj

Kittredge Cherry

Thanks, Penny Jane. I'm glad that you’re letting your light shine here.

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Since no one wants to comment on this piece---ancient history?---I'll add this: the most shocking part of the Jonestown story is how the censorship by the Examiner six years before the event led directly to the massacre, showing us once again the awful consequences of censorship and cowardice.


i love the ideea of fredoom even thow i am part of the majoraty of the world i m filling like these world in nerowing arownd me.I am not gay,i am not eyjan, i am not jewesh, i am not black...i am all of them, maybe less.I am romanian and i fill like i do not bellong in these god forseyking planet.i want to fell normal, as i am, a hewmenben.

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