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January 30, 2004


Jeffrey Furlong

I think that the comments mentioned in the article about girls is really a comment about the whole scope of sexuality. It is in a realm with religion, business and other areas of life/culture which has been and still is dominated be male-think. We really have'nt moved beyond this position for a very long time. It is time to move toward an appreciation of the perfection of each individual being on earth and throughout the universe. It is going to take a lot of work and I know we can do it by moving completely into a new way of thinking and living.


Well, it seems that i have the priority to give me opinion as I'm a bisexual girl. Yes, you are perfectly right, we as teenager bisexual are always curious about many things. We can be brave enough to have a try and i get to know more things which straight people will never know. i also make many friends, both in reality and on many bi sites. It's not a bad thing to make more friends in this world. It's ok as long as you do not hurt others, right?

Keith, Turning Winds

It's not a surprise to know that teenagers often go through a phase in their lives wherein they're confused about their gender and sexual preferences. And it's not just teen girls we're talking about but also teen boys. The experimental stage that they're experiencing regarding relationships with the same or opposite sex makes them realize who they really are and what type of relationship they would want in the end. The important thing here is that during this confusing stage, parents should be there to guide them in establishing their real identity as an individual, and not because of a teenage fad.

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