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February 06, 2004


chad henry

Many traditional astrologers of many faiths and cultures accepted astrology as divine revelation. Astrology was not something to be "believed in" (you don't have to believe in it, it already exists as a concrete realm of study without your faith in the matter); but a divinely aspired tool that allowed the skilled astrology to assess a person's spiritual strengths and weaknesses, likely areas of profession, one's marital partner, children, the whole arc of human life. Astrology is perfect--astrologers are flawed.

In the East in most Buddhist, Hindu and other cultures, reincarnation is simply a given, but it is only for a genuinely enlightened teacher or guru to know details of at least three of your
previous lives. In some rare cases it might help us on our path to know what went on in a previous existence; our trials, troubles, traits, and areas of good fortune in this life are enough clue to where we did well before and where we fell down, and must now pay the piper.

A precious neighborn kid of mine once had a little epiphany aboutthe nature of reincarnation--he was wondering why, if we are always being reincarnated, why there are more and more humans being born, and where the souls are coming from. Then he realized (for himself at least) that all the animals that are dying out due to loss of habitat, pollution, over-hunting etc., are the kind donors who are passing their souls on to the glut of humans being born in greater numbers every instant.

Many of the ancient astrologers had their rules of thumb about what conditions in a natal chart would indicate a preference for lovers of one's
own gender; Bonatus had some good ones that don't unfortunately always hold water. However, it's no surprise that there is no gay signature. You could just as easily take the natal charts of, say, one hundred different actors and actresses, and look to see what commonalities the charts shared that impelled them to a life as a performing artist. You'll find actors with every sign in the zodiac, some with Sun angular, some with Sun beneath horizon, some extraverted, some introverted, on and on, in short, with every possible astrological combination known to man. The same is true of any other profession or even sexual proclivity--what we expect to see in the chart of one hundred foot fetishists, or B & D-ophiles?

Chad Henry

chad henry

Typos: inspired, not aspired. Precocious, not precious, "what would we expect" not "what we expect

Joe Perez

Actually Henry,

Since Neptune rules feet and the 8th House rules Sexual Fetishes, traditional astrologers might say that Neptune in the 8th House correlates to foot fetishes. Wait a minute... I have Neptune in the 8th House in my birth chart! I wouldn't say I have a foot fetish, but I admit to having something of a shoe whore. ;-) What can I say, I love shoes.

- Joe

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