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May 07, 2004



WOW. Your blog is wondeful. You really get deep into what your saying. I turely agree with what you are saying about homosexuality. I think its a great topic. It really is hard to speak the turth if you are homosexual.


Replying to the other is not that hard for some people to admit their orientation, it wasn't hard for me, I guess it depends on the person on how much confidence they have to admit it. I've gotten this way naturally with time and thoughts, I'm happy this way, all my friends accepts me. Homosexuality is not a disability, my proof is that i've been straight and decided that I have a preference towards other females instead of males. Homophobia is just a fear that people have put into their minds from thinking it's a sin. That topic is to be talked through more often, not in a negative way.


never say never, but i suspect that the preference you have towards other women has been there for some time. perhaps dormant or unappreciated, but there none-the-less. my suspicion is that it's almost as easy for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle as it is for a mature adult to alter his or her sexual orientation. behavior can change on a dime, but orientation is a horse of a different color.


well, i guess it really comes down to what one means by disability. if it means that one cannot function in a normal way in society then, yes i guess homosexuality is a disability. not at it's essence, but in it's relationship with our culture. the good news is that as advanced and spiritual creations of a loving God we are quite capable of using our disabilities to the advantage of ourselves and our cultures.

in understanding that only the absolute (God) is not relative we know we can only identify anything by it's relationship with something else. without knowing heterosexuality we can't know homosexuality. heterosexuality is important for two reasons, propagation of the species, and cultural conforminty. as we know that some are capable of propagation we also know that some aren't. as long as we aren't having any difficulty with propagation, then non-propagation isn't important. we also know that total culural conformity equals dead culture, so non-conformists are not only welcome, but necessary for the survival of the culture.

so is homosexuality a real disability? nah, even if we get low on people and our heterosexual brothers and sisters aren't taking care of things, there are enough of us who can perform hetersexually to keep the species going until we can get the breeders back on the erotic train. much love and hope, pj


Heterosexuality is, has been, and will continue to be the normative model. 90% of the population describes themselves as such. Childbirth was long considered the goal of all sexual intercourse (in both Eastern and Western traditions) and it's through that lens that homosexuality was first deemed wrong. Childbirth is no longer the only acceptable reason for which to stick your penis inside something and acceptance of alternative sexual practices is on the rise as a result of that. I myself am a homosexual, but we pander so much jargon to feed our self-esteem that we end up way off in left field. Homosexuality is defective. From a Darwinist standpoint, it doesn't make sense. We're not going to rid the world of "gay theorists" have termed heterosexism, nor should we. But it's all relative, as you say. Love is the end and the means and the only thing that really matters, and that's what we should be stressing.


hi dino...not alot there i can disagree with. i guess heterosexuality is the norm and does perform a necessary function within the species. and i guess if one sees sexuality as a one faceted activity, that of species propagation... nothing more then a biological process, then one can assume homosexuality to be defective, and might not make sense to one's own perspective. but when seen as possibly a multi-faceted activity i think i can see how it may not necessarily be "defective". if one sees it as more a spiritual process, one that celebrates and expresses spiritual love then i'm not at all sure gender is much of a factor, at least not a debilitating one.

i'm no scientist and guys like darwin talk way over my head most of the time, but i don't know how he could have maintained his faith if he really thought everything should be reduced to it's biological uses. i think he may have spoken that language very well but he also seemed to have a pretty good handle on how all that related to the sacred spirit of man. sex as an expression of mature, deep spiritual love between two people.....i fail to see the defect.

much love and hope, pj

Granntan B.L. Mahoney.-Lammb

I am SO sorry that 9 STRAIGHT doctors have told me that "You are PERM. disability. From have 3 disc removed from my body, SEVERE nerve damage damage down my leg dame, and the inability to sexually satifiy my BEAUTIFUL husdad for over 4 years. I have 5 legal boxes of medical, psychological after psychologcal (4) who confirm VERBATIM that what I have in my back is REAL. Dr's at Abbott Nothwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, MN have completed 4 binders worth of documentation of medical follow ups that PROVE I have a PHYSICAL problem with my body. NY human, and I man MEAN human would say YES...HE IS DISABILITY.

I am SO VERY sorry I am not a woman who gets KNOCKED UP everytime the moon rises, or a New Sitcome comes on TV, and they get approved IMMEDIATELY.

At this point...and lets be honest...I am btter of DEAD, either by the pills I have or help from others.

As a Roman Catholic, this is NOT somethings I want to do....BUT Disability is PROMOTION that us WHITE, HIV Men do this...We are better OFF DEAD that trying to live a live and love God, our family, and better year, LIVE a life and show others that all it takes is A CONDOM is stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granntan B.L. Mahoney.-Lammb

If ANYONE agrees with my POST about how we are now 5th class citizens, please email me at [email protected]

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