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June 15, 2004


pila d

i think all you folks have simply joined alliance with satan your father to do his biddings, inspite of Jesus's Chrits death on the cross. Won't you allow Jesus into your life today to be your master savior and redeemer, The looming danger of hell fire is upon all your heads. I you die in this state you will go to hell. And hell was not meant for mankind. Please accept Jesus today. That is why he had to die on the old cruel cross of calvary. Why will you con tinue in this sin, friends.
God bless you if you will comply.

Joe Perez

"Dad, there's another one of them people at the door with the bicycle, the white shirt and the tie."

Satan: "Don't answer it. Do my bidding, or you will have to spend eternity with folks just like them."

"Yes, Master. Back to doing your bidding... living with peace and love, compassion for all sentient creatures, courage in the face of life's trials, practicing total acceptance of who I am, that sort of thing."

Satan: "Good boy."


God is not hate God does not hate, you who hate and judge will see hell before anyone that lives and let live, my ancestors respected nature and diffrent ways of life. We did not push our love for all people and all things on the CHRISTIAN EVIL DOERS that took our land, our tradtion and our language.

If you want to preach get off of our land first!
Cherokee Kid.


It's sad that we have assimilated to westerners so much. We've taken their religion and retranslated our words to fit into their lexicon. We're moving away from our own ways and accepting the ways of those who have been killing us off since they arrived. Christianity is a major part of cultural genocide.

"Christianity has been the curse of all cultures into which it has intruded. It has offed eternal life somewhere else and produced social and individual disintegration."
~ Vine Deloria, Jr., Red Earth, White Lies: Native American and the Myth of Scientific Fact.

There are so many arguments that could be made but I guess the best is that Christianity is acutally Paulanity and Paul was a gay man living in a violently homophobic society. If you don't believe me, Just read I Corinthians.

Secondly, we as native people used to value the diversity in gender and sexuality. It's only since we've been plagued with western ways and thought that we've changed.

If you're Christian and you feel that same sex marriages are wrong, you're entitled to your opinion but who are you to tell others what they can and can't do? Christianity has been doing that since Jesus died. They force their choiced life on everyone else. THAT is not natural. As Tsalagi, we are supposed to live a NATURAL life in accordance with nature and the Great Spirit, NOT what some book that was written, organized, mis-translated, mis-interpreted by some violent, greedy, and ill-willed westerners.


It is so sad that some of my people, so close to nature and what is naturally good and right cannot seem to realize that gay relationships defy nature. A child, born with the pure clean mind of innocence can tell you what nature intended in sexual relationships. It is as simple as fitting interlocking puzzle pieces together. Maturity of mind and body has been accompanied by maturity of self will and we are led off into the darkness rather than following the great light that God has given us in nature itself. What a pity.

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