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July 19, 2004


Torin Drake

This is an Ad Home remark

I am disappointed with Andrew Sullivan because he is another preachy conservative “do as say, not as do type”. I read his blog for a year then I find out, while he preaches that homosexual life style is too promiscuous and pointing figures at loose moral queers, he was caught looking for a “Bare Back” sexual encounter through a personal add. SHAME.

Joe Perez

It's interesting that so many gays and queers say Andrew Sullivan is a "conservative." He's a former editor of the liberal publication, The New Republic, in favor of full inclusion of gays in the military, equal marriage rights for gays, an end to sodomy laws and other discrimination by the government against gay people, adheres to a classical liberal political philosophy, and vocally criticizes and pisses off the religious right constantly. Certainly "conservative" describes some aspects of Sullivan's philosophy, and is probably not a label that he would entirely refuse. Those who call Sullivan conservative and refuse to see the way he integrates liberal and progressive positions into his writing strike me as half-blind. It's much easier to throw a label on someone so you can disregard their point of view, rather than seek to understand and be challenged by it.

As for the "preachy" label on Sullivan, oh, I don't know. I don't see it that bad. There are many other writers like Signorile and Avarosis that I would much sooner call "preachy." Preachy may be an eye of the beholder thing. I'm sure some people would call me preachy, so whatever. :)


Hi Joe,

Your article is real eye-opener for me, when it comes to an "Integral Vision for Gay Politics." I found your criticism (both good and bad) of Sullivan to be very insightful. You are the first voice I've come across in the blogosphere that is using the integral framework to examine what it means to be a homosexual in today's world. Awesome stuff!

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