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August 25, 2004


Joe Perez

John -

Excellent observations. "At last we feel like we belong. But what is it that we belong to?" Conferences, workshops, retreats, and e-mail lists are wonderful things, but they do lack an institutional basis.

Unfortunately, sometimes when an institutional culture begins to emerge, many people run screaming for the hills, saying, "If weren't not careful, we might become an ORGANIZED RELIGION! or a CHURCH! And haven't we had enough of those?"

The bias against organized religion in our communities is understandable, but often short-sighted. When our bonds are so weak they cannot support the giving a ride to an elderly gay man, then haven't we thrown the baby out with the bathwater?

John Ballew

Hi, Joe --

Your comments resonate with me. I think the problem has two aspects: 1) If our organizations and groups hope to nudge the world toward a more loving place, then how does that manifest itself day-to-day in local communities? 2) If I'm a man who loves men, then how does caring for others nourish my spiritual life?

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