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August 30, 2004


Cam Brunner

Recently the city of Santa Fe had to put up with the Westboro Baptist church of Topeka, Kansas. The story below demonstrates a good reason to stand up to this menace to society. Following is the statement that was published in a paper in New Mexico of a person who opposed the message of this church.

Poet Joanna Cattonar, 63, waved a large placard with the words: "Fear + Ignorance = Bigotry.'' She said she got her orders to attend the rally from Vice President Dick Cheney.
"When the vice president was speaking at the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auchwitz, he said that hatred and intolerance must be opposed before they turn into action,'' she said.

Cattonar said some activists suggested ignoring the anti-gay group. "But what happened when people ignored the situation in the 1930's? It led Hitler to power''

This Westboro Baptist hates the Gay-Community, African-Americans, Canada, Sweden, the Fire Dept. of NY, other Christians, The Pope, Judaism, America, and many others. They not only hate, but wish death on all that they do hate.

Thank you for your time.
This hate must stop.

Taylore Vance

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Taylore Vance
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A cool site and I must say I have enjoyed reading your content with interest, I am really happy I found this resource.... For any one travelling to the uk, we are based in Glastonbury and both Angela and myself have been practicing and teaching Reiki since 1990


reiki chakra

Thank you for the wonderful guide. I am a reiki teacher myself and teaching this wonderful knowledge is a gift of itself. / Elsa

Reiki Healing

Nice post and nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. Lots of love,



ok, i was with you all the way up to..."pay entry birth finding attention." what's that one all about?

much love and hope. pj


Hi! Reiki healing is such a powerful way of getting your energy to flow in and through your body. Most important of all is that the healer heals themself first.

Rudi UK

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