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August 30, 2004


chuck daniels

What do you think about Goenks famous address to his students several years back in which he calls homosexuality "madness"?

I have tape and transcript of that interview.

He also advises his senior teachers (all heteros) to become celibate.

Thank you, Chuck Daniels


Hi. I am Saadaya, one of four priests of Ecclesia Antinoi. EA is a church dedicated to the revival of Antinous, the last classical God. The link you see above is to my Chapel of Antinous, there are three other virtual temples, including the main one at, which is the founder's homepage. Mine has more information on the actual mysteries, whereas Phillip's Aedicula Antinoi contains mainly historical documents of the classical faith of Antinous.

Antinous was the lover of the Emperor Hadrian, who died in the waters of the blessed Nile by drowning in the year 130, after which he was worshipped as a sacrificial resurrected God, and as a Hero who had given his life for the community. He was assimilated with Osiris/Dionysus, a city was built for him by his lover the Emperor, Antinoopolis, where he was revered as Antinous-Osiris the Just, games and mysteries were held, oracles were uttered, and miracles were witnessed by thousands of pilgrims. His cult, to this day, is highly syncretistic and universalist. Our current focus is ongoing research on the classical mystery religions. The modern expression of the faith of our God, the Ecclesia Antinoi, was founded October 30 of 2002 by the three founding priests and membership has grown to over 80 members, some more involved than others, and four ordained priests. To our surprise, as we were founding our temple, archeologists were discovering in Tripoli, Italy, a villa dedicated to Antinous, as if the God himself was hearkening to our prayers and the divine honors in his name. If you'd like more information, please feel free to visit the links or contact one of us! Salvete,


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