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August 31, 2004



For those in the Chicago area interested in this, there's a meeting about it on September 14 at the Gerber/Hart Library, 7-9pm. I'm not involved with it myself, but two of my friends are.


Ihave been a teacher of meditation for 36 years. I am a gay man but not out to the organization which I work for. I would like to meet other gay men who are interested in spirituality and have some support for my spiritual life style as well as be able to communicate about issues which concern me as a gay man. Terry

Richard Mehl

Gay men should be aware that there are groups that use tricky, bullying tactics to recruit and convert you to their organization/ideology. There are plenty of cult-like groups on the fringes of "personal growth" and spirituality. In my opinion, New Warrior Training is one to be very careful of. Please see my warning at

Joe Perez

Hi Richard,

Your warning, which by your own admission stems from no personal experience with the organization you criticize, is rather flimsy. Your distrust of ALL organizations aiming to "transform consciousness" is yours and stems from your own baggage, having nothing to do with MKP so far as I can tell. Good luck with life.


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