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November 25, 2004


ola zay zoss

i'm 59. my partner is 78. we've loved each other and been together for forty years. if that makes us gay elders, whadaya wana know?

Thad Emrick

Thank you Joe. I cried when I read your article.
I am 61 years old and suffering from my own
rejection of older men. Back in the sixties older men (anyone over 35?) were relegated to "wrinkle bars". I long for a society where older men are respected and not discarded. Rejection seems to be more prevelant among the gay community than heterosexual community. At least the age of rejection is younger among gay men. I invite younger gay men to accept older gay men, because one day, God willing, they will be the older man they rejected.

Joe Kort

I am so glad to know that my article touched people. I do not fully understand the lack of desire among younger gay men to go to our elders and gay male mentors. I yearn and long for leadership and mentoring and some fathering energy! I think internalized homophobia has a lot to do with the absence of desire by other gay men. I am glad my gay male elders are out there and I actually long for the day I become one as I think I am one now to some I am sure!

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