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November 24, 2004



Hello Joe
Great idea...hope it works well for you. As you are using the rainbow what about including the color pink. A natural quartz prizim shows faint pink in the middle of the spectrum and the original rainbow flag often had the pink triangle attached. It could be honouring what it means to be a gay man or lesbian woman. All the other qualities are universal principles and very worthwhile celebrating but on 'pink day' our unique identities could be focused on. Just a thought.
Cheers ray

Joe Perez

Thanks for your enthusiasm...

Pink: Hmmmm... interesting isn't it that pink isn't a color in the LGBT Rainbow Flag? Perhaps we can do something with the color, like making a candleholder for the other candles in pink. I'd hate to marginalize or oppress any color. ;-)


I really like the idea of a secular GLBTQ holiday. AND I'm smirking to myself about the inherent contradiction in the term "secular holiday", (ie, military intelligence), with the root "holy" in "holiday".

Still, we use the language that exists, strive to increase clarity where possible, and accept the limitations of imperfection.

Excuse that foray into semantics - I do like very much the Yuletide concept. I mentioned it to a local gay social worker as well as hetero men in my men's group when one of them brought up holidays at a recent meeting.

Minor suggested alteration: on day 4 "Self-Reliance" why specifically mention 'scientists, inventors and other business people' to exclusion of say, health care professionals, teachers, lawyers, volunteerism? Just curious why the specific mention on those two and the 'lump in the rest' for other professions. On that note, why not mention laborers, blue-collar workers...

Just a thought!

Oh - and did you consider "generativity" in addition to or instead of "creativity"?

Good work Joe - now, how to spread the word?

AND, Happy Yuletide? Merry Yuletide?

Keith in Nashville TN


..I'll reveal the unobjectionableness of "Happy Holidays!" and "Merry Christmas!" through a semantic analysis. December 25 is Christmas.

joe perez

Hi Keith - Yuletide has morphed into Bridge of Light, and Bridge of Light is morphing into something new and more expansive. Keep tuned to this channel for more details in the next few months. And yes, the descriptions of the principles have changed and are a work in progress, so thanks for your feedback on that angle.

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