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November 24, 2004


Steve Graham

Dear Kurt and friends,

What you term as 'right wing Christian' is
really fundamental theology. This is true of
so called 'Extreme Islam' groups fueling
terrorism. They are simply fundamental groups
living out their beliefs. We as christians are
simply following God's word on this issue, and
agree with His word that homosexuality is a
lifestyle that contradicts His original purpose.
It's just funny that you think those who are
true to their beliefs are the 'extreme' groups
who are rebellious in some way, because we don't
follow mainstream culture. And doubly funny that
you think we are somehow 'afraid' of this
lifestyle, saying were homophobic. Well, you
term it what you want. But we can easily turn
things around and say that gays are Christian-
phobic, but thats all just ridiculous.

One point I'd like to make is this: If you
preach tolerance, than that means, I respect
your choice you made, and you also respect the
choice christians have made. You don't attack
them! You respect their beliefs as much as they
respect yours. That's true tolerance. And hey,
it's not christians you have a problem with...
it's God. cause God condemns homosexuality in
His word. Christians simply agree with it. And
to all those churches who are apologizing for
standing on the Word and truth...dont call your
self a Christian anymore..youre embarrasing to
the Christian community and to God! Man will
change...but God's word will NEVER change.
Hopefully this will give you insight into a
true believers testimony and not a scapegoats.

steve g.

Joe Perez

Steve: I'm not replying for Kurt, just adding my two cents. I disagree and have explained my views elsewhere. Today I won't be sucked into a futile blather with a moralizing religionist. That's all I have to say. Merry Yuletide!


Steve: Claiming the martyrs mantle does not make you right.

I challenge you to read and re-read the scriptures in their entirety and without the filter of politico-cultural interpretations of your religion and with an open mind and heart to the spirit of truth. Read the whole Bible through and through again and be impressed with the progress of a soaring struggle between revelation and understanding.

I think you will find scant comfort for the christian lifestyle, especially in the example and teaching of Jesus. And I think you will be awoken to the fact that the so-called word of the Lord is a very movable and moving feast.

And for the record, I chose to be spiritual and I even chose to be Christian but if there was a choice to be (other/gay/queer) it was not mine, I fought it for over fifty years. Now, praise be to God, I have chosen to relax and allow the spirit of truth to fill me and teach me who I am.


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