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November 11, 2004



I feel like i'm in the Old Testament with these 613(614) Hanky codes. What happens if I mistaken a Brad "Paisley" hanky for one with some kinda pocka dots, all because the hanky was creased in the back pocket. I could end up dating an "I Love Lucy" wannabe. We could have culture wars.....Woe is me! Woe is meeee! What a Gay wretch am I! Who can save me from this insurreable bondage? (Don't answer that you S&M's!) I'm am growing old and my color chart isn't what it use to be. Please send in Tommy Hilfinger to simplify and save us from this Plethera of Naval flags from this gay ship, set sail. I don't want to be a victum, fired upon by friendly fire. Oh please my Arch Angels of Cher, Madonna and Pat Benatar; please intervene before it is too late. I've said my prayers and I await a sign from you to save me from this color chart from hell....Sincerly, Your Gay Follower, Hankamonium

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