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December 01, 2004



Don't forget to tell them that you will also be boycotting the sponsors who advertise on those channels -- and also write to those sponsors. The one thing that makes networks cringe is the thought that advertisers will pull out over something or other on the network. Just a suggestion.


Dear Mr. Perez,
While I agree with your overall point, perhaps a better strategy than boycotting CBS or UPN would be to create a public boycott of advertisers that sponsor these stations. For example (to use a cliche),when gay people and those who support them stop buying Martha Stewart linens, KMART just might want to put a little pressure on the television industry.
Brian D. Of Long Beach, CA

Joe Perez

Excellent points on boycotting advertisers. What we need now is somebody to do a "Stop Dr. Laura" but make it into "Stop Viacom." I don't watch a heck of a lot of TV, but when I do, I have been Just Saying No to CBS and UPN.

I suppose I should be just as upset at NBC, but frankly it was the CBS statement that linked their decision to the anti-gay Constitutional Amendment that I find most astonishing. Also the Viacom link to the LOGO channel is really disturbing... until they apologize and rescind their decision, Viacom is a company that has no business targetting a LGBT audience.

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