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March 31, 2005



While amputation might not "solve" the underlying psychological condition of BIID, it alleviates the problem which could otherwise cause the individual to become self-destructive. In the face of no other alternative "solution", I'd say that elective amputation is the way to go if the patient can be psyhchiatrically proven to be a chronic sufferer of BIID. And taking this from a sufferer's point of view, who are we to say that it will not be beneficial to the individual? There is no way we can even begin to understand their plight, and most who want amputation have a clear understanding of the difficulties they will have to face being an amputee, and are perfectly comfortable with it. In my opinion, surgeons should at least be given the right to acede to requests for elective amputation. After all, would we rather sufferers shoot their legs off with shotguns instead? If there is a safer option, why not we give them one?

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