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April 10, 2005


S. Zlatkovsky

I have long felt that one of the many problems facing the gay community is the over-emphasis on communal contact. In order for each of us to mature and grow into adulthood, we need to have a sense of integrity and self-respect. I see this as under attack by money-making interests in and toward our community. I think this is manifested by the preying upon our individuals by pornographers, bars, plastic surgeons and others who encourage us to self-mutilation, and by group activities that help break down our personal boundaries through indiscriminate touching. I don't think there is anything spiritual about connecting with strangers' energy fields on a solely physical/sexual level, particularly with the element of personal choice removed. These same forces are tied into the extreme over-emphasis on looks, physical type and appearance. These are detrimental forces to our personal development, and hence to the development of our community. Too many people are locked in a pursuit of sensual satisfaction alone, and display infantile aggression when denied satisfaction or meeting of expectations. What creates such feelings of entitlement? What feeds such narcissism? How can we expect the respect for our rights that we deserve if we have no sense of how to behave in public? There is a direct relation between extreme behavior and backlash. If we seek more than just self-pleasure by others, we may find a path that leads upwards and creates purity, that will help us to manifest our true soul-based goals.

Joe Perez

Uh, your comment doesn't really have anything to do with the original post "Gay Psychic", now, does it?

I've written many times on the subjects you address, and there really isn't a way to sum up my agreements and disagreements. I encourage you to continue to stress the values of integrity, responsibility, and the path of Ascent to Spirit. And I invite you to look at how your values are limited, partial, and ... if pursued exclusively to values such as community, self-expression, and the path of Descent to Soul ... are misguided and potentially destructive.

All the best... Joe

Yuan "best psychics" Jonson

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