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April 16, 2005


Joe Perez

An additional resource on this topic has come to my attention thanks to the RainbowStars email list. Thanks Jenny for the tip!

Dermod Moore

Hi there,

Only just discovered this piece, well done, lovely to see such reflection. You are kind enough to mention my article “Reflections on Ganymede,” published in the April 1999 issue of Apollon: The Journal of Psychological Astrology. The piece is online at if anyone cares to read it.



Eden Bereket

wow very interesting thanx for sharing.


Great site with lots of good info. The posts and comments are very informative indeed...
Thanks Malc

Tarot readers

So fresh!!!!!

Sandra Weidner

I have a paper on the astrological significators of homosexuality, shown in charts of fifty men, posted on my website if you want to review and/or include link here.

My method is very different, so I am not expecting anything--t'is usually too much trouble.

The site is located at with links to papers that expand on the method and its empirically-derived "rules for reading."
Best wishes,
Sandra Weidner

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