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April 14, 2005


Kenneth Hemmerick


You may be interested in a new, and free, on-line course and ebook I have created called A Guide in Humane Awareness. This material offers learners a deeper appreciation and understanding of kindness, cruelty and humaneness in their lives. Please see:

A Guide in Humane Awareness

With kind regards,

Kenneth Hemmerick

Buddy Willimson

What many activist do not realize is that many of the norms of society are, in fact, good things. Monogamy being seen as almost absurd is possibly one of them.!? I've been an activist for many of my years and have seen way too many mistakes made by high drama activist simply rebelling against "the norm". It takes a true man/woman to think things through instead of simply being mad and repulsed against anything heterosexual.


i don't know how that last comment has anything to do with the article in question, but i wish you well.

as we celebrate the new way of reading the law in california recognizing the right of homosexuals to join the mainstream in the holy right of matrimony, i'm terribly disappointed to keep hearing about any virtue associated with non-monogamy. sorry, joe, but i strongly disagree with your thesis. i believe that the mature relationship is beyond sexual in practice, but celebratory of the sexual experience within the bond of matrimony.

as i christian i can quote scripture in saying that we cannot serve two masters. we cannot have a fullfilled relationship with one while we share our most intimate selves with another, or others. when we devalue sex it loses it's value, very unfortunate. i don't see how sex can ever reach it's potential as a most sarcedly relaized gift if one takes it as just another form of play.

i do so hope that those in california who do take the oath of marriage live up to it, celebrate it and hold it with the sanctity it represents. God bless us all with much love and hope, pj


I was "married" to a wonderful man for 15 years. Sexy and handsome. A witty man. We were in a one on one relationship for 10 of those years. After we closed our relationship our relationship improved greatly. It is not the act of sex with other people that can distroy a relationship, but the time spent away from your primary relationship that can distroy it.

You need to spend time together in order to develope a relationship that is deep and profound. If you and your other half are always looking for sex with other people than you are not working on your relationship.

I was in an awful relationship for too long after my husband died. He was always picking up men to have sex with. He would do this at home and on vacation. Leaving us little or no time to develope a deeper relationship. He was older than me and would tell me that sex with other men would keep him young. I guess he did not know how life really works. No matter how many men you have sex with you will still grow old and die. Fact of life. Now he is alone living with his father.

I on the other hand live in a beautiful community and focus only on single men. No men for me that are in relationships. Boring and unproductive.

So for all you married couples who like to pick up single men to play with. Times are a changing. Some of us don't want it. Go home and make love to your partner and leave me to the single guys out there.

Key West Guy


I dated and wanted to build a life with a man for 12 years. It seemed he was always looking for something more sexually but had always come back to me saying that I was his best sexual partner. On my part this created a great deal of problems. I had lost my first lover to HIV because he insisted upon sex with other men and unportected sex. He died. Since then I have been more interested in a monogamous relationship but have been unable to find anyone interested in those benifits. It is not the act of sex but the time spent away from your primary relationship that is harmful. We all like to have that hot night. But my goal is to share a life without the worry of sickness and death.

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