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May 23, 2005



Thank the Higher Power that you had the courage and instinct to know who you were and that you were not evil. Lots of kids don't end up in therapy; they end up dead.

As long as parents (like Dick Cheney) feel that they have to undo what God has done, to change their kids' birth identity, we have to point out to them that they are being negative and not positive when it comes to their kids.

Hatred focussed on kids for any reason is not helpful. It is a direct denial that God loves everyone.

Be well.

Peter O

Sorry, how do you make the leap that opposition to "anti-bullying" groups which are fronts for gay lobbies is equivalent to wanting gay kids to be beaten up (which is the obvious implication of your second sentence)? That seems an iteration too far.

Donna Rowe

Since when are anti-bullying groups "fronts" for anything? Safe schools should be the norm. No one has the right to bully and harrass another for ANY reason. By refusing to confront bullying when it occurs, the schools are, if not giving their tacit approval, at least saying they don't give a damn. Well, I'm not a mother, just a taxpayer who supports the local public schools, but I DO give a damn. No one should have to run a gauntlet every day just to get an education.


Peter O asks about the cause and effect relationship of ant-bulling groups. Very simply, I say to him, "Are you pro-bullying or anti-bullying?" He seems not to understand the difference.

Joe Perez

Great post, Terrance.

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