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May 11, 2005



Another psychic blog that's pretty interesting...

Adam Butler

I totally agree with what you're saying. I wish more people felt this way and took the time to express themselves. Keep up the great work.

Adam Butler

Adam Butler

I hope everyone has enjoyed the blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Adam Butler


I need help. I'm psychic and can't seem to grasp on to who I am and let myself out. I have a sixth sense about me in my feelings of's strange...



Real love spells and psychics that cast them are hard to come by until I found ashra. Doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, her spells will work.


Hi Great site with lots of good info. The posts and comments are very informative indeed

Rhonda Manning

Thank you very much for your story. The world is changing and we are having more and more people come into psychic abilities. Some of them very quickly through what may seem like miracles or "unusual" happenings. I am among them. I am a private practice psychotherapist turned professional medium and psychic. The latter at the encouragement of friends of family. O.K. O.K. and a little push from the Universe. Moving from an "acceptable" profession as a counselor to a professional psychic and medium is not an easy task. Who would have ever thunk it? I still to this day wonder if God placed the mail in the wrong mailbox! Just kidding! However, when a therapist hears voices and starts getting spirits in the therapy room..well it is delusional or something big is happening. Kind of ironic don't you think? All is good now and can quite easily speak of what happened to me. Thank you for being so "open" and may others follow.

Free Phone Psychic Readings

anything can and will be real if you truly have enough faith.

if placebos can cure cancer, then psychic can be real

Psychic Reading Al

If you've never had a reading, It's difficult to determine whether or not a session will fit your needs. If you are open minded and receptive, it may be a life changing experience - If you're at all curious, its worth a try.

Accurate Psychic In Denial

I hope to pick up a copy soon. I've also been looking at Princeton University's PEAR site lately (jut do a google search). This is a good one who still doesn't believe in the potential of psychic ability.


There also more info about psychic ability at that may be of interest also.

Psychic Chatrooms

People have psychic powers - it's not proven by science, but those who accept it in their hearts understand. I'd love to get the most sceptical people to consult with a psychic, I always think that they are too scared of what they might hear so choose to dismiss it.


Well said. It seems that every thoughtful person has reservations about psychics, which is a MUCH smarter position. I have done readings for over a dozen years and known literally 100's of psychics myself and VERY few were what I'd call spiritually developed.

In order to be really helpful a psychic needs to have spiritual development as well as an ability to see into the future. This is how they can help you solve life issues and challenges! After all, life is more than a movie that you already know the plot to!

Mystic John

"When it comes to all things psychic, I am both believer and skeptic."

So very important. As a Psychic Development Teacher I've seen far too many students of psychic development believe that everything they see/hear/feel is "supernatural" in some way, when there are indeed many times very real world explanations that need to be considered first.

Great post, thank you for sharing!


I do believe there are inborn psychics that people are looking for to get advice from.I'm doing study on psychic networks that's trying to help people find this kind of psychics on my blog:

Star Boy

Psychics often say that gay men are the most psychic of all people. After gay men, the most psychic are women. This is a well-known fact among the psychic community.

Great article.

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