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July 13, 2005


Hairy Beard


Kate Bishop

I read Zach's original post and it was clear that he was in a very controlled environment against his will.

I was a Court Appointed Special Advocate for a number of years, investigating and monitoring cases of child abuse and neglect referred to the courts. Most states mention psychological abuse in their laws but the definition and perameters are pretty vague and rarely if ever enforced.

That leaves kids who are emotionally and psychologically abused very vulnerable and unprotected by laws.

Since every national professional organization has made declarations about the damage done via "reparative therapy", and many consider so-called practitioners unethical, there should be more definitive actions taken against orgs and individuals who take this approach. It is especially damaging to adolescents, most of whom experience some period of questioning around their sexual identity. That is the not time for judgemental and unsafe environments but just the opposite.

I hope the investigations indicate that they are practicing without a license and there are legal consequences which are enforced. I would wish the same for so-called clergy and other religious practitioners who do great harm to the most vulnerable.

Some therapists and counselors have had their licesned revoked. It should be happening more often. I consider these violations of professional ethics as serious as those in the medical profession which result in long term or permanent harm to patients.

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