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October 17, 2005



it should be seen as acceptable for any people
to bring up kids, isn't it better for a couple
to have two loving parents than it is for them
to be raised by a single parent? just because it isn't seen of as normal doesn't mean that it's not right!!

Queer Visions

My aunt is blind and single and has fostered then adopted three sighted children ages 9, 13 and 19. She's also white where her children are black. Ironic especially considering some in our family are racist. Ugh.

Anyways, she's inspired me to become a foster parent one day. I really want to move to California or New York first but then I think about the gay/lesbian kids here in KY who need me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how likely agencies here would even consider or be aware of their kids' sexuality let alone place them in an out gay household.

I've read these agencies are private and very conservative - putting some of the questioning kids in ex-gay 'therapies'.

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