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October 30, 2005


John G

People stay because they are connected to the community, because they feel that even though they disagree with the leaders of the community on this or other issues they still agree on the fundamental ones. Some of them believe they can work for change in thier community, or that other people will and eventually the bigotry will end.

You have to balance your love and commitment to a community to your own outrage and frustrations. Everyone reaches the breaking point at a different time.

What I have a harder time understanding are people who stay in communities but don't work towards making that community open and affirming.

travis t monk

When 'THE TEN COMMANDEMENTS" Was being made a writer (allen king)tried to convince Otto Preminger that jesus as a boy, has a dog. i think it was a collie...


Family in the congregation? The fear that if they leave to go to some other congregation, their parents will object, the fear that if they noisily object to a homophobic sermon, their parents will get guff from the rest of the congregation.

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