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October 24, 2005



This raises a question I’ve confronted: is it wrong to admire handsome men in church? I attend a small, queer-friendly church with relatively few other queer men in it. Sometimes a new guy shows up, and he’s handsome or whatever, and I’ll say to my husband afterwards “woof”. And he’ll jokingly admonish me for “cruising in church”.

But there is a sense that this behaviour, even if expressed afterwards, is wrong. As if our sexuality is a bad thing and church is a good place, and the two should never mix.

It would be one thing if one were to make someone uncomfortable with one’s admiration. Church is supposed to be a safe place. And I do think it is wrong to “hook up” in religious communities — the whole purpose of faith communities is relational, and its usually difficult to build relationships after a “hook up”.

But on the other hand, I think we need to celebrate the erotic in all of its dimensions more fully, and I think there is a place for that in religious community. I think the reality of people’s sexuality (gay or straight) as it relates to their faith is probably rather different from the appearance that they feel they need to project, even in progressive houses of worship.


Its the first time i visit this blog, and I think its great, I share the same ideals about people. I would like you to visit my blog, too.
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See you aruond.


People all around the world (gay or not) has his eyes on their places every time: I don´t think ist good or bad to watch at someone at church or other sacred space. But, lets get in context, aru u married? tell your partner. U can trust him. I do think its wrong to take this as an strategy to dating or just Fuxxxng. We all hide what people call "sins" and is this cultural label what makes us fall. In my opinion there are no labels to fallow. I think that sacred spaces are not to love making but we can make love a secred Item.

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