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December 08, 2005


cynthia rauso

I was so saddened to read of Laurel's fight, first with cancer than to suffer the indignity of the Ocean County Board of Freeholders denying her partner benefits.

I had the pleasure of meeting Laurel many years ago in Wilmington, DE. Laurel was a friend of my then partner Judy. I recall Laurel always being dedicated to her job (at that time, I believe she was working with the Ocean County Prosecutors office). What a shame, that she dedicates her career to a government that has no compassion, reasoning ability or sense to extend what should be a basic right to Laurel's partner. I wonder if they would vote the same if they had a son, daughter, parent or friend who was gay.

What the Freeholders have done is appalling. I once worked in Ocean County & would never think of doing the same again. I will most assuredly boycott the county.

If anyone knowing Laurel reads this please put her in touch with me Cynthia Rauso (

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