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September 24, 2006



I am writing because I have a picture I would love to submit for viewing. If you could post it that would mean a lot to Eric and I.
It is of my friend with paranormal findings in the photo. Send an email address where I can forward you the picture.


I absolutely agree with this line of thinking. I do not believe the government has any right to infringe on our first ammendmant rights. I do not believe Ms Cleo is a criminal but as she states a spiritual advisor.

It is a shame people pine for dictatorship in a country that was formed on freedom of belief and expression. What is next a ban on religion? People really need to think long and hard on what they wish for as our civil rights slowly disappear and give way to incresing government control of what we may say, believe, and think.

I sincerely hope that criminals that take advantage of unwary victims are prosecuted. But, I do not condone infringement on ou civil liberties as a viable way to reach this goal. I wish Ms Cleo the best and hope she has found peace with her self and her sexulaity.

Cleophaus Achollah

God's anathema is on anyone who goes against the Lord's dictate.

Jenny Johnson

Even though this is a 2+ year old post, I had to comment. I too feel that our civil rights are slowly being eroded. We must learn how to stop the criminals without infringing on the civil liberties of the populace.

Ms. Cleo wasn't a criminal in my opinion. She was trying to make a living.


Although this post is 2 years old, the issue still remains in the country we live in today.

I'm a psychic within the gay community, if you would like to chat - find me at

Paranormal Activity

Psychics come in different forms, we are all god's creatures no matter what alignment we take in this life

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