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September 27, 2006


joe perez

congrats, keith, for overcoming some difficult and shattering experiences and rising up into a new life. keep shooting for the stars!


Keith, I don't know that Nietzsche is arguing that we all need to have a 'near-death' experience to become an Ubermensch (or even that everyone can/should strive become an overman).

The overman (also translated superman) is one who creates his own values and transcends the world's false concepts of god and morality. One of the more shocking pieces of Nietzsche's thought is that pity is a destructive and unhelpful impulse--suffering refines character.

The experience that is closest to what you describe is the realization of the Eternal Recurrence of the world--that everything happens just as it has, over and over for all time. It reduces any weight of our lives into nothingness, but the overman's response is to embrace life, not to despair. Karma would be anathema to Nietzsche's overman who, paradoxically, creates his own values (even though the world seems predestined).

Anyway, for some good resources on Nietzsche, you can start with

I think your main points can still stand without requiring your interpretation of Nietzsche, but if you're interested in doing more reading, the link above is a good place to start. He is a challenge to our normal ways of thinking, that's for sure!


Congratulations! You have had quite a voyage. I'm touched by your writing, your diary. Some correspondences with your encounter, such as handcuffed and hauled to SF General - the first time, and later a more extended stay in UCLA-NPI, 2001, and recently a third, fortunately not clinical, but critical mass as you describe it). Bipolar disorder, though a rough ride, may also be a royal chariot when you persist to your heart-wish. Keep it polished and shiny, it is yours for keeps, and not for an ashtray if you follow. All blessings, take good care of yourself.

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