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November 17, 2006



Hey Joe:

You're really funny. Hang in there.


Joe, that thing about flat earthers isn't really fair. I was a hard scienist (biology) before I became a stay at home dad, and let me tell you, we (real scientists) made fun of psychologists all the time because of their crazy all over the place theories on everything, and almost impossible to reproduce results. It is totally within the realm of possibility that "scientists" disagree with each other on reparitive therapy and that religious people practicing the "science" of psychology come to different conclusions from non-religious people. The "science" of psychology is like that. Now give me a good neuroscientist and lets talk about brain developmet. We can count neurons and chart pathways and measure things. That is real science. But this "science" of psychology is just a bunch of made up stuff that anyone can mold to fit their desires; left or right, gay or straight, religious or irreligious.

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