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December 08, 2006


Eliezer Pennywhistler

The Conservative Movement does NOT "still hold to a ban on same-sex activity", It's anal sex. No more, no less.

Huw Richardson

Eliezer - thanks for that clarification. I got from the news reports almost nothing about lesbians or lesbian sex, so I had assumed they were focusing on male activities. Your comment has boiled it down further.

Kosher Holiday

The term conservative was meant to signify that Jews should attempt to conserve Jewish tradition, rather than reform or abandon it, and does not imply the movement's adherents are politically conservative. Because of this potential for confusion, a number of Conservative rabbis have proposed renaming the movement, and outside of the United States and Canada, in many countries including Israel and the UK, it is today known as Masorti Judaism (Hebrew for "Traditional").

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