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December 09, 2006


Mike Jenk

I used to be very hateful of gays as a Christian. I always saw them as always going against nature and doing the work of the devil. My time spent learning more and more about Buddhism has definitely made me question some of those views I used to have. I feel like I have undergone a paradigm shift in my thought process. I was the kind of person who would run miles away from anything remotely resembling gay and now feel proud to even have gays as my friends.(yeah its been a long journey to self actualization) I hope the people that I may have hurt in the past with my stupid comments and negative behavior may forgive me.

joe perez

thanks for dropping by, mike

The Hostess

As a lesbian practicing Buddhism, I very much enjoyed this post. Like you, I feel that whatever spiritual path one chooses, if you make it your own, it will be much more rich because it is individual to you. I also believe that part of the spiritual search is a desire for unconditional that when practicing Buddhism realizing that you have God/Buddha Nature within starts that practice with unconditional love for yourself. That goes a long way to heal past wounds inflicted by religious intolerance.

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