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January 31, 2007



I've seen similar fears about this gay-sheep research on many gay blogs. But before we start stocking away bottled water and our Madonna CDs for the upcoming tribulations, we might want to consider the fact that there is likely never to be a cure for homosexuality (the biological causes are probably far, far too complex). But even if such a thing were possible, it would never happen. Why? Because it would take an unprecedented alliance between two groups that hate each other: scientists and fundamentalist nutjobs.

In case we've all been asleep since the Scopes Trial, the extreme right wing fundamentalists in this country have not been fans of science, particularly evolutionary biology, genetics and embryology -- precisely the fields that would be needed to create such a "final solution." These folks are absolutely anti-intellectual and especially anti-science. To work with scientists would threaten the very delicate worldview they have constructed for themselves, which ignores most scientific understandings.

And the same time, scientists, who have been pummeled over and over by these wackjobs since the Scopes Trial are understandably distrustful (to say the least) of right wing fundamentalists.

(Also, this doomsday scenario also ignores how the use of human subjects for research gets approved in this country, but that's a whole 'nuther topic.)

What I find amusing about this whole debacle [and by debacle, I mean the complete misunderstanding/misrepresentation of Dr. Roselli's research by some in the LGBT community] is how quickly LGBT folks started parroting precisely the same kind of talk about science that we usually hear from the fundamentalist/Christianist camp. Suddenly science is scary and all sorts of bizarre slippery slopes are imagined that will lead to eugenics and infanticide and dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!

Aren't we supposed to be the smart ones!? (Or at least, isn't that the tale we keep telling ourselves?)

I thought it was the fundies, not us, who contact their congressperson any time they hear about some researcher at Moo-U doing some sort of sexuality based research. I thought it was Dobson, not Sullivan, who whips his readers into a frenzy about the latest way in which science is threatening our values.

*sigh* We've met the enemy, and they are us. Hopefully this ruckus has taught us a lesson.

If we really want to get worked up over something that is much more scientifically feasible, let's think about how the LGBT communities positions on abortion may be affected by ability to perform fetal tests for gayness.



Huw Raphael

John -

There are times when I think it is better not to know. I don't say that as a moral "better" or out of distrust for how other humans will use the knowledge but because often times the living in the mystery is better than the bald light of knowledge. It's more fun too.

Sometimes I fear we're just "knowing stuff" to death instead of "knowing thy self".

Alan -

Although I agree that the enemy is ourselves - humans are all prone to developing drama - don't draw so sharp a line between religious types and science types: it was an Roman Catholic priest who initially researched and proposed (in 1927) the Big Bang theory and another RC Priest who developed the basis of our modern ideas about genetics.

Beyond anything like religious scientists, we fool ourselves when we think of such distrust as you mentioned as a defence. Look at the alliance of Science and Right Wing Nut Job that brought of Joseph Mengele. Money - and expediency - will always make scary bedfellows.


Huw, I think you misunderstood me. I did not draw any line between religious types and science types. I'm a scientist myself, and an elder in the PCUSA and see no conflict there. I drew a line between science and extreme fundamentalism, which is, I believe, quite different. And I'm not sure the Nazi analogy holds, since the Nazi's were very interested in technology and science from the very beginning, unlike the fundamentalists' long war against science of all stripes. The Nazis saw their scientific and technological prowess as evidence of the superiority of the German people. There is no comparable love of science among the extreme fundamentalists.

I suggest that any alliance between the fundamentalists and the scientists would force the fundamentalists to give up a significant portion of their religious identity. Though such a thing could conceivably happen, it is, I believe, extremely unlikely. The hysteria that was brewed up around this particular example did no one any good and simply made the LGBT community look reactionary. We should, I think, concentrate on real threats, not imagined ones.

John G.


I have to disargree with the line your draw between fundies and science. Fundies approach science as they seem to do everything else, be it the Bible, the Constitution, etc. Basically, they use what they can of it that fits their needs, they reinterpret other parts of it to fit their needs, and they ignore/challenge parts that contradict their needs. Evangelical Christians are largely supportive of modern medecine, ie willing to allow their kids to recieve treatment from doctors and from hospitals, willing to put their kids on ADD meds, etc. Evangelicals use their own psuedo-science to claim that homosexuals a not as mentally healthy as straights, that kids develop better with straight parents, etc. Evangelicals firmly believe that intelligent design is scientifically sound and that evolution is not. There is a growing population of evangelicals that accept scientific claims about climate change, although Jerry Falwell still embraces the pseudo-science as scientifically sound on that issue.

That said, I agree with you on the unfeasibility of a "cure." Like I said in my post, its just a gut feeling that I can't shake, even if I intellectually recognize its such a long shot that its hardly worth worrying about.


I appreciate your perspective John, but we're writing about two very different groups of people. I'm referring to the extreme right wing fundamentalists. With respect, that phrase is not a synonym for "evangelical." They are two entirely different groups. Jerry Falwell is not an evangelical, James Dobson is not an evangelical. I know these terms are often used interchangeably by the LGBT community, but we'd do well to understand the very many and very important differences.

As far as the pseudo-science of the fundies goes... I have absolutely no fear of that kind of snake oil. In fact, their devotion to such pseudo-science is precisely why they're no threat. Anyone who believes that insanity is caused by demon possession is hardly likely to discover a cure for homosexuality. :)

John G.


I'm not at all talking about believing in demon possesion causing homosexuality when I talk about psuedo-science. I'm talking about people who really believe in science and scientific method, but who through faulty methodology come to conclusions that don't withstand peer review.

While I loosely throw around fundamentalist and evangelical, I think that Jerry Falwell would be upset to hear that you don't think of him as evangelical.

Huw Raphael

Alan - I see your point about giving "up a significant portion of their religious identity" But I think you're casting your concern too far to the right - or at least you seem to be. I'm not sure that there is a right winger *that* far to the right!

Jerry Falwell's university has a science department. I don't think you have to look further than that. I'm with John: " I'm talking about people who really believe in science and scientific method, but who through faulty methodology come to conclusions that don't withstand peer review."

But I do agree with you about the over-reaction in the gay community. Someone, somewhere, is eventually g oing to decide he has figured out how "the gay" happens to someone. It may be a real loss of tax payers' money when it happens, but it will happen.


If their "scientific" conclusions don't stand up under peer review, its hardly likely that they'd be effective at curing a cold, not to mention homosexuality. :)

BTW, Falwell doesn't consider himself an evangelical at all. His comments after the Ted Haggard affair demonstrate that. :)


(Disclaimer: Alan is my husband, and we chatted about this conversation on the way home yesterday from work.)

Something that Alan implied, but hasn't gotten any traction here, is that science is not an abstract idea, but an set of activities performed by people. And as he points out, the people who do, fund, oversee, and manage science are, the vast majority of them, rather "liberal" from most perspectives (education being the overwhelming predictor of one's position on our liberal/conservative scale). It seems very unlikely to me that, except in the most Handmaid's-Tale-esque dystopian future, these groups are going to get together to do anything substantial.

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