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March 28, 2007



I have been a devote christian for 45 years, bible bashing and evangelising everyone I could until my "brethren" discovered I was gay. I had a personal relationship with, and led many to Christ.... but after they found me out so to speak I was subjected to the most medeival and wicked "casting out my demons" "healings" and then when they realised that despite my trying to be heterosexual without success and failures they cast me out from their midst, and I am now left alone with my God, and whom loves me and leads my life.
I am sure that in their misunderstandings of "doing what God wanted" they have a lot to answer to when they stand in front of the Lord one day to give account of why they caused me not just to stumble, but try to take my own life. I was of course unnsuccesful but now I have left a wreck, and if not for Jesus I would be very ill these days.

I was convinced that they were being misled somewhere, for they thought that they we doing right, and I eventually decided to read what the bible really said about me... this led me to the hebrew language replete with ntheir understandings and customs of the days bygone I discovered that all the so called anti gay passages in the bible are taken out of context, and about old times when there was no thought of "Gay" people being born that way, but more to the point was about HETEROSEXUALS turning away from their females and engaging in what would be for them "wrong doing" by laying with each other. Of comitting the sin of "inhospitality" (thats what sodoms sin was!), of using young men as concubines in the temple, and worshipping them instead of God!
Non of it is from the mouth of Jesus either, it is all by others who professed to know Gods will.The only thing that Jesus seemingly referred to in the new testament was when his disciples asked them if they should marry, and jesus said "its up to you, but some were born not to marry"...

On my quest I then decided to look into the authors of the christian canon, and to my surprise found text placed in the word by henry the eighth! An example of it is when the scriptures report Paul as saying "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk after the spirit, and not after the flesh"... I dicovered that it should end at "Who walk after the spirit"...because Henry added " and not after the flesh" ! This addition to the verses had nothing to do with the bible, but the biggotry of Henry the eigth!
Sadly there is a lot of addition in the bible, so much so that to me I cannot trust the authenticy and have actually cast the bible as I know it aside..... turning to God as a personal God, and his spirit that "leads me in all truth"
I no longer belong to the right wing of christianity... but live in my faith quietly and share it if anyone want to hear it... for then,and then only do I believe that that person has been sent to me to share my faith.

Christianity as I remember it is doing nothing for the reputation of a loving, all encompassing God... in fact they are turning people away from him by their misunderstandings of what God wants from them. They judge wrongly.

Thank you for reading this... and I hope it has been of assistance to others who may be struggling with themselves as loving gay christians.


Wow Colin, that's a very sad story. I have been great friends and have gone to many bible studies with a guy that I know is gay. We've talked about how it is a sin and things like that, but I never once thought about casting him out. That's the last thing he needs and probably the first step for him to lose his faith.

I wish you had a more understanding support structure and I will pray that God gives you strength

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