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June 09, 2007



I think budha is a great spiritual teacher. I also think that the teachings of budha are closer to the teachings of christ than most people realize. Budha summerized his whole teachings down to 3 things... Christ taught those same 3 things.


Any thoughts on this?


Oops. I should have added this, too -- HER TESTIMONY in Venus magazine.


FIRE THE GRID O7/17/O7 world meditation/intention/prayer

I dont know if this has been mentioned here but theres a World wide event happening in a bit over a week. Its a Meditation/ Intention for Mother Earth.

I didnt know where to post this but I liked the Cosmic Wave metaphor so I put it here. If it seems interesting and someone wants to create a thread for it cool. There are video snippits of the originators story at that video snipits place...? u-tube. I think her name is Shelly Yates.
Its a pretty mystical story. I like the focus being on expressing our personal joy and sharing that with the planet. The word has really been spreading on this so I doubt its news to ya'll.
I've only just discovered this site and am feeling some inner joy myself at the moment. The thought of having and learning from discussions around the gay thing and the spiritual thing would be soo helpful to me right now (or ten years ago). Thanks for being here. what a relief

I hope this Grid event appeals to some.
Much Peace Blake

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