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August 20, 2007


James M. McDonald


This is in response to Larry Kramer's question about why straight people hate gays. It's really simple and easy to understand. They are carefully taught, brainwashed and expected to do so from the time they are in the womb until they are six feet under. This is of course, sanctioned, condoned and sanctified by the church, synagogue or mosque. The reason to hate others may vary, such as skin color, ethnic background, sex or sexual preference, but the outcome is always the same.
People who don't like themselves, or are not sure of who or what they are need easy outlets, or vents to exorcise their own demons and what better way than to point the finger at someone else who looks, talks, thinks, feels, or believes, differently? People need a skate goat; you know, someone to fear, despise, loathe, envy, slander, pass judgment and legislation against and ultimately eliminate.
Let's face the truth here. People just need someone else to hate, period. That's the way it has always been and shall forever be. If you're different in any way, shape, form or fashion from the "accepted normal majority religious way", such as gay, look out!! It were not us, it would be and is or are someone else. It's a sad sate of affairs, but it is part of and ingrained into human nature. The LGBT community is hated not because we have to be, but because some insecure individuals in high and low places need someone to rank on. We are the “unacceptable” “abnormal” ones who dare to differ, or “stand out”, therefore, we are “evil”, “wrong”, “outcast” and “damned”! The Bible, they are convinced, says so and they are using it as a weapon of choice against us. Taking scriptures out of context and ripping LGBT apart is the name of the game. Where is the love of Christ in all this? Where is the brotherhood? Where is the humanity, the forgiveness and compassion of Jesus?
Without us, who would they take their own self-loathing out on? They need us to whip in order to justify their own self-righteous, negative miserable existences, period. It we were all just alike, there would be murders out of boredom. The Gay-hating Straight must justify his or her own position for being “normal”, straight”, “blessed” and “right” making us the preferred target. Thank about it. Hatred starts within. If the Bible condemns us, it does them even more so. There is no sin-free person on the planet. Period. As I always say, it's “too true to be good”.

Jesus Christ

Your autobiography is very good to know about the Fundamentalist Christianity and actual meaning of fundamentalist and thanks for your wonderful biography.


When I hear of a righteous wrath, I wonder at man’s capacity for self-deception.
-- Sri Aurobindo

Self-righteousness is probably the quickest way to hell. And yes, most bigots and fundamentalists hate themselves on a very fundamental level. You can't love anyone else until you accept yourself fully. True love is borne of self-acceptance.


I also agree that people within the LGBT communities ought to focus on the bigger picture and not just on same-sex marriage, etc. Truth be told, things like that are really trivial pursuits. True love doesn't need social acceptance or integration. It is a union of souls, and it can be cultivated no matter how hostile the outer circumstances. By spiritual standards, hardly anyone is really "married".

The solution to pretty much all the problems of existence is developing a deeper inner relationship with the Divine and learning the fine art of self-sacrifice for the good of the whole. That is pretty much the only way out of the human condition.

I'll be picking up your book at some point, Carolyn.

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