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October 23, 2007



Did you watch the HRC forum? Obama was the best.

You criticize Obama's writing and statements without quoting what he said. This is dishonest.


I have never had a good feeling about Barak Obama's commitment to lesbian and gay freedom. I don't trust that kind of smooth talking "liberal."

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton. I know she and her husband appointed Donna Shalala and Janet Reno to cabinate posts, and also Roberta Achtenberg. Jesse Helms called Roberta "a damn lesbian."

So the Clintons have a good track record doing ground breaking mainstream things for us. They were not perfect, but they were pretty clear in their early reaching out to our community in 1991.

And as a lesbian, I want a feminist in the White House, and I'm not waiting any longer for men to "get it." I can tell you that Hillary will not be saying insulting sexist comments about women behind closed doors in the Oval Office. But you will never have that kind of consideration from men behind closed doors ever!

Why would lesbians get conned by an Obama is beyond me! Maybe men can fall for this bait but not me!

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