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October 14, 2007


Owusi Jerrie

Hello people,
Great thoughts and views! Have you thought the fact that the Christian community issue is fundamental, one largely premised presently on wrong foundation? No wonder the rancor and associated arguments.
In product development, it is the exclusive right of the creator/ manufacturer to name a product; because the name suggests its character. It was the people in Antioch that called them Christians and not Jesus! Christianity - from several suggestions would mean a people trying to be like Christ but that is not what Jesus came to do. He is the first fruit and we are same like him (the vine and we are the branches). All of these could be seen as growing up processes. This should give one a view we must take when addressing a Christian that is in the wrong. What I would refer as growing up experience - we all once walked on all fours (hands & legs) like animals but that was babyhood stage but there is also growing up, even when you are fully grown sometimes you may find yourself for whatever reason on all fours (I would hope it is for awhile and not a lifestyle).
There is a life after here, a life of ruler ship and God knows that and we should recognize that, we would be given responsibility higher than what we had on this earthly plane...Jesus said that, for the Joy that was set before him - he endured the cross and the shame. God respects human will but that is what decides for the individual where you would be at the next life - the position you would occupy, because God has a large family you see and he is a just God...and there is not favoritism here! You would be rewarded according to your work. Remember God's word is our talent to trade or live with, he would not trade it for you, you would have to make the investment options, if you make 30%, 60%, 100% percent - good for you! He would always seek to help us with His wise counsel but it is ours to choose.
If a Christian chooses to remain a baby, leave him or her, God is not mocked you see! Whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. Then it told us not to sow to the flesh - (sensory reasoning - which is elementary really) but to the spirit! To some they don't even know what defines happiness, fun and prosperity for them! it is like a baby looking at the cloud and thinking! “It is and looks so real"...but we know my reason of growth that the clouds is simply air! Why the division over nothing? If you are intelligent! Praise God and keep it for your credit and please don’t use it to cause division! Instead of us focusing on areas we disagree and strengthen the division (which is the desire of the devil), lets us focus on areas we agree! If you believe that Jesus is lord …lets get moving and working together.
Men and women are not their bodies nor are they their emotions! We are higher than these two but - what a deception to see many being controlled by it! What is reality? What informs what is real to us? Is it our reasoning or our emotions or the word of God? However if a brother chooses to live and copulate with another brother.... please leave them alone (and love them anyways because it is your life and reward to love) ...they have made their choice of having their bodies and their mind control them. As they have theirs to deal with remember you have yours to deal with. Let each one of us focus on working out (expressing) their wholeness (salvation) in Christ with fear and trembling (meaning - with strict adherence to detail from the master plan) knowing that He would repay us with JOY!
The joy that Jesus was willing to forego every insult, shame, physical pain for......Oh! i am looking forward to Joy! I am not going to let myself be deceived that all these things in these world are that tangible and real, if i fall ...i will get me up again because am focused of having a 100% yield - having traded with word of God on this plane and made profits.
Lets stop the debate and let each one focus on trading/living the word of God! for you that have issues - I say to you ....use (trade) the word on that area ---you would see profit...i know you will because nothing is greater than the word of God.
Know this, Gal 3:27; for all of you who have been baptized into Christ, have clothed yourselves with Christ! You are Christ now! Start living/trading (expressing) who you truly are! Anything outside of you in Christ is not real and should be subsume by the real one!
Love you all my family in Christ!


Owusi Jerrie (

Sinner Saved

With all due respect, I have no idea what your point was in this comment.

First of all, it was called the 'Way' before the label 'Christian' was accepted by us.

Second: "Start living/trading (expressing) who you truly are!" Who we are are sinners, my misunderstood aquaintance.

To my homosexual friends: Please, spare me the time to read this, and do what you will after you have read it------When you hear people say ridiculous stuff like "God hates fags" and "homosexuality is an abomination", they are probably not loving Christians. I am. And I am going to tell you straight up (no pun intended) that you will go to Hell anyway, gay or not. Why? Because of sin. Do you think you are a good person? Ever lie? That makes you a liar; Revelation says 'all liars will have their part in the lake of fire'. Steal something (like music of the net)? That makes you a thief. Ever look at a man/woman with sexual desire, commit adultery, or have sex? Christ said even if you look at someone with lust, you have committed adultery in you heart already, regardless if you really have or not. Ever used God's holy name in vain (blasphemy)? That is taking the holy name of God and using it to express disgust. God required the death sentence in the Old Testament for that. We have looked at three commandments and if you answered yes to all of those, by your own admission you are a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. Serious stuff. Even if you just lied, you broke number 9, and James 2:10 says, "Whoever shall keep the whole law, but offend in one point is guilty of all. That is God's morale law; the standard He holds us too. All sin is DESPISED by God. He hates it. He hates sinners. Liars, murderers, thieves, blasphemers, hipocrites, . . . ALL sin. Whether not you are gay is just another straw on atop your mountain of transgressions. When you die, you will stand before holy God, and He will judge you . . . JUSTLY. He will not forgive. Telling one lie will send you to Hell. Realize that God is holy and cannot be with sin. If a murderer stood before a judge and said, "I killed that woman judge, but i believe in you, please forgive me". Unless the judge is corrupt, he will send that man to jail. How much more so will the holy Judge levy justice against you? You will go to Hell . . . under current standing. ALL SIN IS ABOMINATION BEFORE THE LORD. That is the key. But you don't have to go to Hell. That is why Christ was sent. Because God loved you enough to send His Son to die on the cross to atone for all mankinds sin. Unless you repent of all your sins (homosexuality included) and trust in Him, you will face God's righteous wrath. The Day is coming. Accept His gift of grace through His Son and be saved! Just ask God to forgive you of your sins, lay them out, and ask Him to change you and be the head of your life. You must die to your old self and be born again. Understand that you cannot do the things you once did. You must live a life as He did. Please, I pray you hear Him. If you have done this, read your Bible and trust in it. God hates sin, and His wrath abides upon you! Think about this, I pray you. I used to be in the same boat as you, gay or straight, an unsaved sinner. But Christ called me to Him, as He calls you now. Homosexuality is incompatible with a Christian life. Just as much as drinking, sex outside of marriage, or swearing. ALL SIN IS AN ABOMINATION BEFORE THE LORD. That is the key.

May God's grace be with you, may you hear Him and call on His name.

A loving servant,

Ad majorem Dei gloriam - myspace

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