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November 08, 2007


john vecht

I think I do agree with you. There is a difference between being occupied with sex all the time and enjoying a good sex life regularly. Even though I am not in favor of reading sex magazines, to state that a person who occasionally buys one is a sex addict is highly hypothetical. For some it helps to spice up sex. Sex therapeutes also differ in definition. Even cultures differ in opinion, as some are closeted in even talking about the subject.

Sex in itself is not sinful; it is created. Misuse of it may damage yourself and definitely others. Experiencing pleasure is not harmful. Only when you are seeking that pleasure constantly you might be in trouble.

Faith in God might help to set good standards. I would not trust Internet questionaries .Better talk to a wise pastor, a good psychologist or a reliable family practitioner.

Yours, John


Yes. Sex addiction is a real thing. Gay or straight. I'm one of them. Sex for gays is different, I know. But sex addiction is not about some kind of back door moralizing. It's real. Porn on the internet? OK, but when you start looking at some, "just for a few minutes" and then you're still there edging several HOURS later. When you've spent lots more money than you need to downloading stuff.

And, (like me) when you're driving on a trip, and CAN'T pass up a rest stop, hoping to pick someone up. When you drive around for HOURS looking for a pickup.

It is when a natural urge is pushed way beyond the bounds and used to medicate us, to get us drink with all those neuro-chemicals that spring from cruising and actually engaging in sex.

When the pre-occupation effects job, relationships, etc., then we may have a problem.

For gay men, I recommend "Cruise Control" by Rob Weiss, a gay therapist out of LA. It's real, but it's not every gay man. But there are some of us.


While many believe that sex addiction is only a myth, and deemed by some as an excuse to cheat, this type of addiction is very real, that is according to health professionals. They state that sex addiction is a compulsive and impulsive sexual conduct. It doesn't mean however that watching one or two porn, paying a visit to a hooker, or having a collection of porn magazines makes you one. It must be repetitive, prolonged, and uncontrollable.

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