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December 12, 2007



What a cover, erotically inspiring, a definite sensuality. I can see how it pushes the envelope close to the edge but I feel it remains within taste.
In a culture so saturated with images of hunky men constantly reminding me of who I am not; it's hard to determine which images to let in and which to keep your head down and keep on walking.
This image conveys a tenderness possible between men while not backing away from these beautiful boys' forthright sexuality.


Love it! The range of reactions as people encounter the image would be fantastic to watch.


It"s nothing but the usual and customary CHEAP PORN that villifies anything of spiritual value to most under the guise of what some queens think it should be! BS, it's just the desperation of the author showing through. Mapelthorpe and other "sophisticated" queens did the same thing with their art for no other reason than to insult others.


What's new whether it's sensationlized news, Paris Hilton in jail, homo-erotic Christ yada, yada, yada it's all about marketing and trying to get reaction. Not impressed for i hate trying to be marketed. As a Christian gay man I find it distasteful when someone tries to make light of Christ his life and mission on and for the whole world. And sorry this is not a gay positive image meant for gays that says Christ is for them for he is comfortable in his skin.

Pod Jumper (Ryan Nix)

I've always known, in spite of the secular christian commentary, that gay christians are designed by God with a higher spiritual calling / blessing. If you look in America towards the Indian culture, they call us Twin Spirited and from my understanding were usually very highly regarded and sometimes priest or shaman. I haven't read this book but plan to buy it in both translations since I want the pretty cover from the German book. I think that gay sexuality in Christianity should be embraced, I also think that heterosexuality should be embraced by christians, there is a simple lack of understanding and blindness in most of christian culture.

Andre Boulanger

In conjunction with this book, I would also recommend the book by Theodore W Jennings Jr entitled: The Man Jesus Loved.
It is a very well done exegesis and theology of the five locations in St. John's gospel which talks of the 'disciple Jesus loved.'
Though this may not be John, as so many assume, many biblical scholars suspect that it was Lazarus. The man is never directly identified in the gospel so we will probably never know for sure. But that is not important. What is important is the fact that this man existed.

Enlightened One

Another example of Europe taking the lead in all matters pertaining to religion and reasonableness. Jesus was a man with a penis! He is on the cover, with a wet cloth on - what happened with his baptism? Was he miraculously dried before he got out? Did his penis disappear? The beauty of the male form is nothing but God given. American so-called evangelicals need to do the world a favour and call themselves what they really are - neo-nazis!


Wow. A real Rorschach test.

I see a quaint, primative piece of art. Nothing particularly erotic. I don't see obsured uninflated penises as erotic.

But, if your whole idea of your 'personal' Jesus was somehow wrapped up in a diety that is asexual, then I suppose it would be pretty upsetting. Childish, but upsetting. How could anyone who is that full of the spirit of G*D be asexual?

That's like saying the human body is a plight full of weaknesses. When, if we are to agree with scripture, it is the creation of G*D. I don't know about anyone else, but my G*D doesn't make junk.

And H* doesn't just make you one way or another, but makes you loving to all his creations. Doesn't mean you have to have sex with everyone you love, but it beats the hell out of beating the HEll out of someone.

Just sayin'...

Jack Oxford

There was a principle in Christian Theology that if Jesus did not assume any part of our experience it was not redeemed. I believe that this is still operative. Human sexuality in every variety would therefore be under God's Redemptive Love. Western culture has been uncomfortable with human sexuality from before the time of Christ. The Manicheans, the Gnostics, the Platonists all left residual marks upon the religious writers of the Common Era even when their teachings were rejected by the wider Church. Our negative reactions toward the mystery of sex that God designed in us has led to self mutilations, painting loin cloths onto fine art and the love/hate relationship we have with marriage. This present tempest should be no surprise. God is still teaching us to accept ourselves as God accepts us.


Seems a little tawdry, maybe, designed to draw attention--but I like it! As a few others have stated here, if Christ was fully human, then he understood sexual desire. Maybe he even had sex (gasp/clutch pearls!) Of course, we'll never know. Anyhow, the book sounds interesting. I'm just completing "The Passover Plot" by Hugh Schonfield, which also deconstructs everything Christians hold dear about Jesus.

Garri Azz

As the de facto administrator of the Security Fix blog, I've spent many an hour deleting spammy links left in the comments section -
- comments that usually lead back to the same kinds of Web sites you most commonly see advertised in junk e-mail.






Can you really be a Christian and think that homosexuality is okay with the Lord?! Why don't you just come out and say that you don't want to obey God's word! That just makes more sense than thinking a God who created a world, and allowed it to be populated through, get this, a MAN and a WOMAN is okay with Christians (His messengers) to proudly wear the mark of the beast. Then to say Jesus takes part in your worldliness, is just blasphemy! He clearly states the sanctity of marriage is between a man and a woman! Do you really think God approves?!

Corinne Quinones

I love it as well! I am really happy to see such art as this. I love all different kinds of art, and I am especially intrigued by how they went about this. For those who have a problem with it, oh well for you, go back to your hole under a rock.


What kind of image is this author trying to portray for Jesus Our Saviour. How can Jesus be in love with a MAN-John the Baptists FOR THAT MATTER (not saying that him being in love with a woman is good-because he wasn't). People you need to think, what will God say about this. You are trying to say the Jesus Christ is GAY!!!. Be careful what you say about God's Son or else you'll have to face the consequences. This is outrageous, totally BLASPHEMY!!!! Watch what you portray to the whole world before God Strikes His anger on you and destroy you to pieces. After all who can challenge OMEGA absolutely no body not even the president nor you or us mortal beings. God can just crush us like like ants. You ought to ashamed of yourself the author and people following like lost sheep following the shepherd.


wow, me! you sound terrified. maybe if you looked deeper into the christian scriptures some of your terror might be eliminated. the christian God is a loving God, a forgiving God...a God of mercy and of grace. a God who loves us so much that He sent His only begotten son to death and to hell in order that we might be spared such torture. a Son who so loved us that even as we were still living in sin He died for us.

christians don't worship God out of fear of retribution, but out of love, the same love as He has given us. the god you speak of, the terrorist, is not my God...not the God i have learned about in scripture. and yea though i walk through the valley of death i will fear no evil, for He is with me.

i wish you could know this God, a God who will be with you too, a God of comfort and compassion...a God of peace...and of hope.

peace be with you. pj

Eli Peart

Honestly, it's heartbreaking to hear such spiteful words used to intentionally distort the reputation of my best friend. I will never understand how a person can possibly claim to believe in JESUS - not just "GOD" and promote things - not just homosexuality - that are so clearly contradictory to *HIS* word. As in, His OWN words? Not what "uptight Christians think a Christian should be," but what GOD HIMSELF said a CHRISTian IS to be. You can debate all day long that you won't conform to what WE say, but they aren't our words, they're GOD's. I may not agree with the attack-style condemnation approach that so many Christians choose, but a sinner can't repent if they don't know they're living in sin. Likewise, you can't claim to have repented: TO FEEL SUCH REGRET FOR PAST CONDUCT AS TO CHANGE ONE'S MIND REGARDING IT, but continue living the same lifestyle and even defend it. In closing, blasphemy is nothing to snicker at as if one should be applauded for being "brave enough to oppose GOD and His *messengers*." (Mark 3:28-29) "Verily I say unto you, all sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith whosoever they shall blaspheme: BUT HE THAT SHALL BLASPHEME AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation."
P.S. John the Baptist was also Jesus' cousin, which would imply that He was not only homosexual, but incestuous.

Eli Peart

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Good work, thanks for sharing this information!!


"Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God."

I will pray for your conversion to a sound and healthy life. Say goodbye to your sinful ways and embrace The Lord!


"who can know the mind of God, who can give Him advice?"

pluck the log from your own eye before you concern yourself with the splinter in the eye of another.

pray not for me, Christ is my savior...rather, pray for your own salvation.


Things like this are what provoked GOD to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah... Keep it up and the judgments of God will fall faster on this earth than expected...


Jesus said...."judge not, lest ye be judged". what part of those words coming from His own mouth is so difficult for you judgementalists to understand?

Jesus is not dead, He lives...and from His own mouth He said that He alone was appointed by God the Father to do the judging. each of you who condemns another are not, yourselves, abiding by His word...the written word you so often acuse others of not abiding in.

i repeat again, from the mouth of st paul, "pluck the log from your own eye before you consider the splinter in the eye of another."

sadom was destroyed not because of homosexuality, but specifically because the people living there were inhospitable to God's angels. if we each were killed by God as punishment for being disobedient to His word...we'd all be dead....even you guys who judge others so harshly. for, also from the mouth of Jesus...."all have fallen short of the glory of God."

God will not only save the righteous, but the sinner as well.....kind of the whole point of christianity isn't it?

you may personally interpret the word of God in one way while others may interpret it another. the right interpretation will be revealed by God in His own time. in the meantime why can't we all, all us christians anyway, abide by His will and His most important gospel..."love your neighbor as yourself." for if you are a slave to the law then you are not the slave of the Law giver...He has written the law for each of us on our own hearts.

it is a mistake to read the bible to find support for your own can be found in support of any position. if you read the word to validate your own mind then that's the law you will be judged by...but if you read the bible in an attempt to understand the whole Word of God in all It's nuances then you might grow closer to Him and away from the written law, which will inevitably leave you short of His glory in the end.

much love and hope. pj


that dam gud
where can i get this book???


Well what can i say except of what my Lord Jesus said in His Words, not all who said to me Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of means anybody can say things about Christ and anybody can imagine what they like to dont matter, what matter is the Truth,Just and Honest that describe Him.
SAtan also confess Christ and believe in Him and trembles but doesnt mean he is godly, am i accusing SAtan now? Yes because thats he is
need to be accused accordingly,,
Folks, Jesus loves all the people thats why He became flesh and died for our sins but it doesnt mean that He encourages Sin because it need to be punish according to the book of Gods Law and Worlds Law.
since the world begun, homosexuality was condemned by the world and not by God only and yet now people even use Christ to justify this horrible sin!!Blasphemy!!
So be it Lord Jesus come quickly and prove who you really is...


THis is totally not right! WHy would you have a queer Christ and John the Baptist on the cover of book when they do no at all support and share the lifestyles and opinions of the queer population. Jesus loves everyone, including the gays. I'm not saying that he doesn't, but what I'm saying is that being gay is a sin. And God has no sin. Sin can not even stand in the presence of God. So, Jesus and JOhn the baptist should not be portrayed as being queers. They do not support queers but they do love them. Love conquers all things and love will conquer the gay sin. Being gay is sin that comes from a confused spirt. How?? You are confused of what sex you are, you are confused with what sex you are to be attracted to..its all of satan and I'm against it. Satan is the author of confusion. I will pray that God opens your eyes to see the enemy and his devices that he uses on those who lack understanding in what is right in God eyes.


This photo makes me sick. To suggest that Jesus ever did anything like have a homosexual relationship is horrible. I pray that the author of this book & the artist behind this drawing may come to know Christ. I do not think Christians are 2 cast out homosexuals because it is as any other sin and we are all sinners. the problem is when you want to follow your inclinations and desires instead of Gods commands & then twist & turn things around until in your mind you have convinced yourself that you were simply born that way and there is nothing you can do. THAT IS A BIG FAT LIE FROM SATAN!! The media, Hollywood,so on & so forth are all selling this Bologna. Yes you can absolutely do something about it & be more in control of your sinful nature. Its called Grace and guess what you can reach out to Christ for real and watch how you tendencies & temptations become easier and easier 2 handle. In his strength never our own.Christ was born under the law & died for us blameless...yup NO SIN!! so this is photo is very off.

Follower of God

This is the most sick thing I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen alot of sick things, but this tops them all. God did destroy Sodom because of homosexuality. It is a sin in His eyes and He meant for it to be man and woman, in other words Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Now this, Christ was gay, lord have mercy on your souls. For those who might not understand, Jesus "was" God incarnate, so to say that Jesus was gay is to say that God is gay and therefore a homosexual. Way to go world, I'll pray for you.


follower or God, perhaps you could read the book of genesis one more time. homosexuality had nothing to do with the destruction of sodom....mistreatment of the weak and dispossed was their great sin.

read the text itself, not someone else's interpretation. i know and understand Christ, He is all things to all people. you and ME alike. for you to deny that flies in the face of His own ministry.

much love and hope. pj

William Schuler

This essay features insights that are refreshing, enriching.

The vitriolic comments I read are similar to the prejudice and bigotry met by those who are star seeds on the planet Earth. Have you seen the two movies "The Man Who Fell to Earth" and "Powder"? These Star persons encountered hostility from the Earth man.

In "Powder" the young man Star person is assaulted and battered for his homosexual tendencies. I can't help but feel Jesus wasn't also crucified, in part, for his homosexuality.

And, now the church (the SAME! religion that killed the Master) has usurped His name and persecutes men for having natural, healthy love between them as it also persecutes Star persons. Islam is just as bad if not worse.

Many times the the Fundamentalist trolls on the Net are caught "with their pants down". Just earlier, on You Tube, I caught one in a lie. He didn't respond back yet. Another one I took to task admitted to his discrepancy when I referred his attention to some points of consideration he overlooked.

I have a sibling who is an Evangelical minister and VERY! controlling of his children. VERY HOMOPHOBIC!! (So is my family, though I have relatives that are, opening, homosexual. There are mixed reactions is the best I can say at this juncture.)

Sometimes I wish there was a starship that would beam me up and take me away from all this. Then I could be free to be intimate with a man in the manner Jesus was, or with a woman (as was Jesus). To have that heart-to-heart connection (like we see between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock) with a brother-of-the-heart. There, already, is someone on Earth, but he's lost his way somewhat so I just wait and see what happens. There was someone several years back but OTHERS! interfered and destroyed that friendship. Hopefully in another life we'll find each other again. I also would have married his sister (but that went kaplooey, thanks to meddlers).

It is affirming, though, to read the reassurance this essay is. Sometimes a guy loses his way with all the negativity. This essay was a "breath of fresh air".

I'll try to find the book and other books recommended in this essay.


what is homosexuality? sin? love? indifference?

i think the answer is, "yes".

all forms of sexuality, hetero, homo, narcissistic, even "a" can be sinful in practice. i think that any form of sexuality that doesn't appeal to us personally causes us to think salaciously. if we don't do it, it must be dirty.

for me, the very idea of sexual contact with a man is disgusting, even vulgar. i just can't imagine what could be going on in the minds of the millions and millions of human beings who find it otherwise. (yuck) i need a shower just thinking about it.


but, what is it essentially....but an expression of love? people do overdo it...and quite often, i guess because THEY find it so pleasurable. maybe many people want love so badly and can't seem to get a grip on it outside of sexual contact. but, isn't it still love they are seeking...don't they do this sex thing because they love it? if it were merely physical sensation, we can all do that for ourselves...why do we want another to be involved in it with us? could it be we just want love, and more love.

so what if the object of our love interest is a sexual matter....does that deminish the love? does a woman who loves women love less? is a man who loves men's love inferior? how can any love be inferior?

can there really be any expression of love that God hates? God loves the devil. God set him free and sent him away with his blessing and his best wishes. God is the master musician, He and He alone can weave the most horrible and insulting sounds into beautiful melodies and harmonies...and He does it with the love we give back to way of loving His creation. love is God's building blocks...His tools, the basic stuff of the universe that set into motion the big bang. all things we know are the result of love. aimless love, wandering, different, disguised, unconditional, mis understood, recklessly applied, sexual love, emotional love, all love is God and God is all love.

how can anyone think of love as sin?

much love and hope. pj

Kittredge Cherry

Thanks, William, for a fresh and positive viewpoint on the erotic cover for my “Jesus in Love” novel. The film characters you mention are archetypes of Christ. Sometimes people act like religion and science fiction are worlds apart, and yet they both provide mythic meaning for our lives and spirits.

“The Man Who Fell to Earth” is one of my favorite movies. I’ve long been intrigued by the deep, unspoken love between Kirk and Spock, too. Are you familiar with slash fiction? These are stories written by fans that take the homosexual subtext of Star Trek and make it explicit. There’s even “Bible slash” that explores the homoerotic subtexts of the Bible.

Hang in there, and don’t let the fundamentalists get you down. Dare I say it? Live long and prosper.

Pennyjane, thanks for another beautiful expression of how God’s love is manifest. I especially liked your statement, “all forms of sexuality… even ‘a’ can be sinful in practice.” It’s interesting to think that asexuality can also be sinful… a denial of life and therefore of God.

You ask, “can there really be any expression of love that God hates?” My answer is that there cannot be an expression of love that God hates.


well, this whole thing just shows how ignorant the world is to middle eastern culture. no one ever considers what culture they were in. Jesus was not gay. He was God's son. and is part of the trinity. so if you call Jesus Gay, you are calling God gay. God is not gay because god is the creator of male and female. he is not attracted to either of the two sexually. It is so so sad how sex craved the world has become. and being gay is not a good thing for christians to embrace for God so that it was not good for adam to be alone so he created eve, a women, mind you this was way before the first born child so this is way more than reproduction. God made women. and God made man. He never intended for them to be with their own gender. in fact, in one of the books in the new testament the writer says that men have turned to men and women to women, he doesn't approve of it but condemns it and says it is a result of sin. i wont tell you the book so you do the research because you are more interested in the fascinating subject that isn't so fascinating. Jesus loves you, no matter if you're a guy or girl. So here is a good thing, to all the guys out there, Jesus loves you, but not in a gay way for he isn't gay. he in fact has no sexual orientation for in fact he was man and God at the same time. I hope this causes you to think and stop trying to justify this sin as if it is actually a part of christianity and not a sin at all. face it, it's a sin, jesus isn't gay, and it's never a blessing for one man to have sexual feelings toward another man, and that goes for women having feelings for other women.


hi "trueGodfollower." i, too, am a true God follower, but my name is pennyjane.

in trying to make sense of your agruement i'm left wondering many things. it seems as if you are saying that since God created eve to be with adam in the garden He then was finished. it was a "done deal", mankind would now consist of adam and eve for all time and nothing would ever change or grow from there. as i live and breathe, that's just not true. many, many, many things have changed since that time.

like you, i rarely cite scripture by chapter and verse. for me it's not so much of a challenge to others, it's just one way i practice at being "Christ like". it occurred to me some time back that Jesus doesn't quote chapter and verse, He usually only says, "it is written." i confess that is still something of a mystery to me, i have no doubt that He can quote all scripture and all reference to scripture word for word with complete footnoting....but He doesn't...i kind of find that stimulating. when you issue a challenge..."do your own research", i think most people just discard you there, sounds like you don't know yourself but are just trying to make it sound as if you do.

as far as Jesus being gay or straight, you answer that yourself...Jesus is both all mortal and all divine at the same time. He is ALL mortal...that means He is ALL of us. He encompasses all forms of mortality. to you and to your own self He is all straight...that's a wonderful thing, but it doesn't end there...Jesus is much bigger and broader than just you. to me, Jesus is an old, gay transwomen....and that's perfectly clear...because He lives in old, gay transwoman. i am but one of the infinate and eternal expressions of Him. You cannot limit God, you can't box Him in or stereotype Him. you can't pigeonhole Him into any one expression and call it a day. how can you limit love? how can you keep it inside of certain borders?

if Jesus is all things to all people, then who is anyone to place their own restrictions on that based on their own, very small and very limited, interpretation of scripture. you are right about this, Jesus loves us with all His heart. He carries us in times of trouble just as He carries you. He promised us that too, just as He promised you...that all who come to Him with a humble heart and divine desire, and who believe in Him...will be with Him in eternity. i trust Jesus and i trust His is truly the Word of God.

verily, you cannot love God and despise His creation. you cannot judge His creation, you cannot be His slave and my master. for it is written:

"as a result, there is no longer any distinction between gentiles and jews, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarians, savages, slaves and free, but Christ is all, Christ is in all."


much love and hope. pj


"If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death." 1 Cor 6:9

"Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God." 1 Tim 1:9-10

I am a Christian, and I will say that I've had lust for a man because I explored homosexuality. If you ignore (disobey) the Lord, you will be punished. Having relations with someone of your own sex is a sin, and the punishment for that is getting out of that sentiment or getting out of that lust for people of your own gender. It's a curse. Let go of your pride, let go of your stubbornness, stop making excuses, and follow Christ, HE LOVES YOU! Follow his word. He says homosexuals will not inherit the his kingdom. Be obedient, and don't make the same mistake Adam and Eve made by disobeying God with the apple.


I have nothing against you or the book. It's just that the cover is kinda not appropriate for me. Yes it catches attention but I think it does affect the image of Jesus.


The Spirituality of Sex.
Schwartzentruber recently recalled how daunting it was when he sat down and began writing the first three words of his contribution to the book.
"I wrote 'Sex is spiritual.' Then I stopped. I realized I had 14,997 more words to go. I had to figure out, 'What did I mean by those three words?'"


Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a major and vital contribution that lgbti people can bring to the churches, and to Christian spirituality at large, to help Christians to be comfortable with our bodies and our sexual natures. Some people will hate it, but until we come to terms with our bodily nature we can't properly accept God Incarnate.

james howler

man... this is not right. It's like sodomy. And no one knows who he is... where does it say the he is gay or anything. he folloed his father. dumbassed book.

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