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January 24, 2008


Spirit & Flesh

I just discovered this blog today. Thanks for the work you are doing. Although I am a Christian, I come at faith from a VERY broad perspective and like to see what other queer spirits are doing in order to make our world a better place.


I'm a Christian too but studied a little Buddhism which enriched my outlook on life. Plus, I'm a big kd lang fan and find her a beautiful person.


I've loved k.d.'s music since the first time I heard her voice. As a Buddhist born woman who loves women, it makes me so happy to hear k.d. has embraced Buddhism, which teaches that every human being without exception has the potential for Buddhahood, a state of enlightenment free of delusions and characterized by true self, purity, eternity and happiness. Buddhism embraces and treasures its gay and lesbian practitioners because it recognizes the Buddhahood inherent in all.


Is anyone addressing the statements against homosexual acts made by the dalai lama? I'm very curious to hear what Bhuddist gays are saying about this

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