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April 25, 2008



wow! thanks for's wonderful. in all our bible study classes we look at the maps of the area and point out where this or that took place. it must be almost overwhelming to actually be there, to see the same ground that Jesus walked on. to be on the sea that Jesus walked across while peter nearly fainted. how does one keep their feet under them when they are on calvary hill? i can really feel that giddiness just thinking about it. i think i might just fully expect to be raised right up then and there to the kingdom in the sky. oh my, oh my. thanks again. much love and hope, pj


What a wonderfully written blog you have here. It's going to be added to my links.

Also, this is a really interesting post. My partner and I are contemplating a trip to Africa to volunteer during Christmas.

Thanks for sharing the exeriences of spiritual LGBTs.


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