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May 06, 2008


federal way flowers

it's a comedy, i dont think whatever they try to say should be taken that much seriously.


I think we have to laugh at ourselves--as much as possible. If not, we end up turning into the very fundamentalists we are striving not to be. In essence, those folks have no sense of humor.

Yes, I hope to see the film. It probably won't help or hurt the self-help industry/movement. Those who are "in" on the jokes will laugh knowingly, and those who already think self-help, or whatever you call it, is silly, will probably continue to think it's silly.

And that's ok.


A God who doesn't smile could not have created such a humorous universe, according to Sri Aurobindo.

This is clearly a hilarious movie, though it has provoked the ire of fundamentalist Hindus who probably don't even understand their own tradition. Guruphiliac has more extensive coverage:

Me? I am going to catch it when it hits the theatres for sure. My faith isn't so immature and childish that it can be threatened by something that's so obviously harmless.

God's sense of humor isn't particularly accessible to puritans.


it's a comedy a movie it's meant to make you laugh, and there will be many that are so Holy they won't agree and we all know people like that can't do this world a bit of good - they're to holy for it.


(giggle) i KNOW God has a sense of humor, why else would He have created mirrors?

Tanja from Energy Healing Info

I am a big movie buff, and I typically see all of the spiritual cinema films that come out. The Love Guru? I never put it in that category. From the previews it just looked like a comedy that may or may not be worth the two hours spent watching it.Offensive? Only to those without a sense of humor.

Of course, now that you said Deepak Chopra endorses it, I may have to find my way to Blockbuster and rent it.


May your day be full of healing energies and a few good laughs...

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