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September 08, 2008


Kittredge Cherry

My understanding is that Sarah Palin vetoed a bill denying benefits to same-sex couples. It doesn’t sound like she lets her religious beliefs dictate all her decisions as an elected official.

Here's an article written when it happened from the Anchorage Daily News:


well, maybe we should think hitler wasn't such a bad guy, after all...he didn't kill ALL the jews.
could it be that ms palin vetoed this bill out of something less then altruistic reasons? as i gather from the article kitt offered up she only did so becuase of a recent supreme court decision expressly forbiding the denial of the benefits in question. maybe she felt that spending a ton of money defending a losing law suit might force her hand into the pockets of some of her rich friends. when it comes down to money or principle...we know where they stand! let us not kid ourselves, she would not shed one tear should alaska amend their constitution to permit the denial of those rights.


I don't think comparing Sarah Palin to Hitler displays much intellectual sophistication, and certainly not enlightenment. Let's keep track of the sexism directed at Gov. Palin, because now conservative women will have to face this.

You can critique a woman ON THE ISSUES, but I don't believe Palin is anything more than a republican.


hi trumpet. sorry, i certainly wasn't comparing ms palin to hitler, i was thinking more about the blind eye many jews turned towards nazism.

the republican party's views on homosexuality aren't very far from the nazi view of judaism...far less evolved and sophisticated...but made of the same an observer of history i would very much fear giving them a free hand to decide what should be done with us.

as a woman please rest assured my response to her has nothing to do with sexism, but about what she does and how she acts as an individual.

as a christian i certainly don't object to her religion, but i'm aghast at how she sometimes interprets the Word our God became for us.

intellectual sophistication is only apparent when seen from the perspective of a lack of sophistication. enlightenment, again, known only by the unenlightened. it is the issues that get my gander up with ms palin, as far as her gender goes...well...she got that right.

much love and hope, pj


Call me naive, but I don't see either the democratic party or the republican party as paragons of gay or lesbian rights activism.

They came late to the party in my opinion.

I believe the most powerful thing is for women of all political stripes is to command the stage, and tell the truth in their own words. I don't think male presidential candidates even begin to get what women are about, and so from that perspective, Gov. Palin is simply a breath of fresh air.

Suddenly I'm hearing gay men talk about Palin's anti-abortion stance, which they believe somehow makes them "feminist." Men hate talking about women's issues of any kind unless they desparately need votes.

If you look at religious belief in general, all of it is pretty crazy. So whether you are fundamenatlist or a liberal christian, there will always be places where people think this religion is idiotic.

With women's rights, men have to resort to teleprompters and talking points, when women address their real issues of work and family, you are getting the real deal.

Obama really will have a run for his money. "I'm for women's rights, unless I have to pick women as VP." Kind of suspect don't you think? Guess he is still struggling with "closing the deal" with women.

I haven't made up my mind on who I will vote for, it all depends on how much sexism I see directed at Palin. Because I believe women should be defended against sexism by everybody, and if they aren't, well it's kind of like Elliot Spitzer and prostitutes.

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