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November 28, 2008



well, i guess one could assume that to be true in an direct way. no, the details of any of our lives wouldn't be affected by the marriage of any other. but, the caviot is, yes...i believe my life would be indirectly affected in that there would be more happy and well adjusted people in my world and fewer unhappy and undirected ones. more happy people make for a more happy world.

so that while i disagree with your preminse, that my life wouldn't be affected, i do think the effects would be of a positive nature.

Morgan Black

The Homosexual and Lesbian Marriage has to be established and Legally supported Not only because we are American ; is a Constitutional Human Civil Right to address be responsibility in a committed relationship where the two parties have the same interest,values,goals,monetary responsibilities, social behaviors, professional input in the development of our Country , just to name a few of the reasons.
By the way the gay commentary-remark Ms Williamson wrote about giving to the homosexuals to right to be married or they will be hitting on husbands or wives is out of place and leaks noticeable the proper polite way to address a community that has been working very hard for years to get rid of the GAY derogatory label. Not to mention our support to you.
That is not "" so cool "" Ms Williamson we do have bright-smart-highly well-educated-trained Homosexuals-Lesbians working in every single field in the USA to help this country get better. And we don't need to be taken to lightly.

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