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April 28, 2009



hmmm....confidence....what is that? seems to me real confidence isn't having a notion that all will go well, it would be more like feeling one has the resources to deal with all those things that are sure to go wrong. if one, as your mentor, knows that things are going to happen yet takes it all in stride, deals with things as they arise, it's not a problem at all. as a christian i know in my heart that there are no obstacles on earth that my God hasn't the resources to deal i'm "in luck".

your question about listening to the truth as apposed to your own desires is a good one and a common one among us all. we christians frame that as "how do i know when it's the Holy Spirit speaking to me or when it's my own natural self?" sometimes there seems to be just no question. the Spirit isn't just speaking but yelling at you "DO IT!" that's the easy stuff. the more grey things get the more we have to depend on our faith and whatever is our means of communicating with God.

it may surprise alot of buddhists but some christian methods are very much like your own. for instance: when we are questioning something that seems close to us one thing we might do is select a passage of scripture, choose one word from that passage and meditate, or pray, with a focus on that one word. sound familiar?

sometimes we just have to have some faith in the faith our Maker has in us. seems to me that if one is faithful in keeping communion with his God that the lines are kept pretty clear. that static is there but the neurons have some tested paths with bridges across those synaptic gaps in good repair. the more you practice doing God's will the more likely you are to do it without having to focus on it.

though periodic checkups ain't a bad thing spending too much energy questioning your motives only takes away from the energy you have to spend on acting on your motives. sometimes doing God's will is just what happens when one has trained her impulses to do just that.

much love and hope. pj


Please continue to be as real and raw as you see fit to be. I work with personal stories and I've come to believe that this is where our best guidance comes from. All of the dogmatic messages are there for the consumption, but when I really come alive is when someone honestly and vulnerably shares their story of how they have come to know truth. I suspect the same can be said by many.

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