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August 07, 2009



our pastor will preach his last sermon at our church's a sad and very unsettling day for us all. i'm reminded by your post of one of the first sermons i heard from him several years ago. he posed the question: "is the real conflict in the world between good and evil, or could it be between good and indifference?"

apathy and cynicism, indifference, seem to be rather run of the mill...not just in the lgbt sub-culture but in the larger national culture as well. "peace" as a concept has been reduced to nothing more than an "inside" salutation for the pretend enlightened. it seems to me that tension is far more the apparatus of change...or for the individual "being the change". peace is the illusory end of change...that which realistically can occurr only at the end of life. using tension as a positive force for change is the trick.

it's good that some can create change within the sub-culture but when it ends up as no more than preaching to the choir it just becomes moot...smoothed out tension...droning noise. harmony is not created by everyone playing the same note on the same instrument over and over again it's more weaving all the different notes played on different instruments into music.

i don't think it's much of a celebration of diverstiy to try to win others over to the same message. i think it's greater to create a climate where the different messages can truly respect one another and find ways to work for the greater good of create an environment where change can occurr as uplifted enlightenment, not born only of conflict, but of tension and understanding. covering up difference with a false sense of togetherness isn't really the stuff that feeds the engine of change, in the long run it only digs the trenches deeper and wider...albeit doing it in the dark.

so, working outside of one's own sub-culture is a very important message as well. about all that's good about working within the community is making others within the community feel better about themselves, to the point of taking the message out of the community and having it heard where it really the greater community. we can all be made to feel better about ourselves but with that as an end goal it will never get us out of the "us against them" mentality...our goal should be integration with our larger culture...full membership...not covering up our difference but celebrating it and demonstrating it's worthiness for others who don't "get it" to celebrate as well.

much love and hope. pj


I love your response PennyJane! I also want to ad that if we run around all the time only looking at the crap of the world, then we're likely to believe the world is crap. Talk about living in a box! The kingdom of heaven is all around, we have but to see.


i'm with you, hlr. seems we usually see just what we're looking at....'cept for mirrors and bathroom scales...they lie!

much love and hope. pj

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