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September 28, 2009



i'm not so sure i'd want a "cure" for autism either. frankly, i have a deep and rather mystical respect and love for autistics. there really is something very special about them. i can't think of one autistic person i've met who hasn't brought out love in me from wherever it was hiding...gifted i'd say.

a common question asked of us transsexuals is, "if there were a pill you could take that would immediately bring your brain and body into congruence...would you take it?" my answer is "heck no." i'd put on some rubber gloves, pick up that pill and flush it down the toilet as fast as i could. yes, i've taken steps to relieve the suffering, but the gift i hope it goes with my autistc brothers and sisters.

much love and hope. pj

Warrior Gold

This was a good read, I'll be sure to check out more about this!


I've just watched the movie on Swedish TV and have to buy the book. The first 10 minutes was a huge "this is what I was as a child" feeling.

Now I am 50 y/o and know I am not neuro typical. But I have skills and can also remember places and things that many people even do not notice. And I love it and do not want to be NT! :-)

But it was not easy to be a teenager. To be gay and not always understand the social interaction, was sometimes depressing.

I can really recommend this movie. 5 of 5 points from me :-)

A huge thank you to Rupert Isacson and his family for sharing the "family secret"!

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